Grooming Gangs: Quilliam Rewards its Racist Sponsors With Racist Report.
CJ Werleman

Hilarious nonsense fromNew-Islamist CJ Weleman. This bit in particular:

“ A fantastic investigative piece published by Loonwatch captures the metamorphosis of Maajid; from anti-Israel, anti-US imperialism human rights activist”

The photo shows Maajid on a hizb ut tahrir rally — he used to be a member — hizb ut tahrir are opposed to human rights, for example they are entirely opposed to freedom of and from religion and wish to create an islamic supremacist caliphate where people who leave islam are to be murdered. I realise that to New-Islamists such as Werlemen killing ex muslims is the epitome of human rights but to rational people it is utterly repugnant.

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