High Possibility Classrooms

HPC or High Possibility Classrooms is a new model for technology integration drawn from research in exemplary teachers’ classrooms. A book about the research and the model will be published in March 2015.

It is a pedagogical model in two parts: the five conceptions (Table 1) and the 22 pedagogical themes of student learning processes and teacher strategies (Table 2)

Table 1

Table 2

A link that details where you can purchase the book is available here

Links to other work about the teachers in the study can be viewed here

Contact Dr Jane Hunter on Twitter using @janehunter01 if you would like other details — HPC is mapped to the AISTL standards consider a PD workshop on HPC for your school soon.

I little promo for the book is here.

Some teacher comments from the most recent HPC workshop on Staff Development Day — Day 1 Term 1 2015 in a NSW school:

I left Dr Jane Hunter’s workshop on High Possibility Classrooms feeling inspired and ready to take on the school year. Her explanations of the themes involved in the HPC model were clear and identified opportunities for implementation in my classroom. I particularly liked the focus on specific pedagogical strategies that could assist in transforming our teaching and developing students learning processes in HPC classrooms. (Alex)

Ideas presented were engaging and practical. With a focus on technology it was so good to get ideas on its integration with inquiry learning. Most importantly we were encouraged to provide experiences in the classroom where students can explore and demonstrate their understanding in real-life situations and make learning meaningful. As students are more than competent with technology skills teachers need to strengthen student empowerment. (Jennifer)

I really enjoyed Jane’s presentation on Tuesday and I especially felt that she was still very in touch with what it is to be a classroom teacher in this time of huge change. She was very down to Earth and practical. All in all an excellent staff PD. (Judi)

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