Should we punish Myka Stauffer for giving up her child?

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Photo by Randy Rooibaatjie on Unsplash

I am outraged and I am not alone.

Plenty of people are upset about the reports of YouTube influencer Myka Stauffer’s decision to adopt-out her adopted son, Huxley, who is diagnosed with Autism.

But my anger is not an echo of the cacophonous outcry of a society seeking justice for this little boy. My frustration is with those creating this impenetrable roar of judgment for a situation most of us know little about.

It’s an all-too-familiar sound, as judging parents for their parenting is an age-old tradition at this point…

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Photo by Molly Belle on Unsplash

Nothing about trauma is convenient.

Best case scenario, it happens to us before we’re fully cognizant or capable of complete emotional uncoiling at the thought of what we’ve been through.

Childhood seems like the time where it would be most efficient to get trauma out of the way, a time before we know relational context and psychology and just how bad the experience is. But then, we harbor it, unspoken, in our tiny little bodies and it grows with us like bones — a silent foundation beneath the surface.

When trauma happens to us as adults, we have a better…

Jane June

alternative opinion, radical compassion, endless hope.

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