The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Narcissist
Elizabeth Mika

I’ve done a fair amount of reading up on personality disorders over the past 30 years and have Theodore Millon’s book on same published around the time of the last DSM revision before the current one, late 80’s early 90’s. Trump’s NPD is therefore blatantly obvious to me but it seems to have escaped his cult followers and others. And Ms. Mika’s excellent description of the disorder is perfectly on point. If you’d like to see another example of a famous and obvious NPD check out Roger Lewis’ book The Life and Death of Peter Sellers. My paperback copy is over 1000 pages and when I finished it I felt like I had met the worst person outside of a true crime book that there could be. In fact he indulged in several criminal assaults on persons and animals that should have been prosecuted, and workplace behaviors that should have gotten him sued. He defecated all over everyone, wives, kids, colleagues, co-stars, friends, business partners, even the pets of one of his wives when he felt she was giving too much attention to them and not enough to him, the works. But in spite of all that I still can enjoy his brilliant artistry and performances whereas Trump is nothing but a witless self-aggrandizing no-talent bore and I was already sick of having him and his doings shoved at me starting around 1983. He sounds additionally like a case of adult ADHD in his inability to complete a thought or finish a sentence with any coherency. Sellers was an appalling excuse for a human being but he had talent though he squandered his career by alienating everyone he worked with, sadly. I think that starting in middle school or high school there should maybe be more basic Psychology 101 courses beyond finding them as the occasional elective. Learning to recognize the various pathological personalities one may encounter in everyday life is a life skill we should maybe be teaching the young, then there wouldn’t be such adulation for stink rags like Trump. I brought my Millon personality disorders book to work for my supervisor to read the description of the passive-aggressive personality as we were afflicted by one in our department, they finally fired this person though they took too long to get around to it and tried to solve the problem by shuffling the person from one department to another but (s)he was the same in all of them. I encourage Ms. Mike to seek out the Sellers book for another textbook example of NPD. I wouldn’t hire Trump to clean my cats’ litter boxes never mind be president.

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