5 Mystifying Mysteries That Science Still Can’t Explain

Science provides theories and methods for testing the truths of the universe, and for much of human civilization, it has not only helped us make sense of our world but also pushed us to new heights of innovation. Yet, there are some artifacts, events, and behaviors — including even the direction that cows turn while grazing in fields — that stump the smartest of scientists.

When faced with the strangest of the strange, there is little one can do but shrug — and marvel at the wonders of life.

1. The Antikythera Mechanism (Above)

This astronomical mechanism was found broken into several pieces as part of a shipwreck near Greece from around 100 BC. So far, it consists of a single encrusted piece broken up into three major pieces and many more smaller ones. It contains gears and mechanisms far ahead of its time, such that no one can agree upon its origins. Fundamentally, it represents one of the first analog computers known with a complexity that indicates unknown predecessors and construction reliant upon Greek theories. However, its calculations rely upon Corinthian measurements, and it could just as easily originate from the Greek city of Pergamon, home of the Library of Pergamum, or the island and engineering center of Rhodes

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