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The One Essential Thing to Remember In Life — AND 13 Ways NOT to Forget!

There is ONLY ONE YOU! Let me say that a different way, you are the ONLY you! No one else on this gem of a rock in space can do what you came here to do, can express your uniqueness. You are also an evolving you, on an evolving planet. You may remember the Monty Python, Galaxy Song — “Just remember that you’re standing on a planet that’s evolving . . .”; and your mission, which you accepted by showing up here, is to find out what you bring to the table, the ESSENCE of who you really are, and present it to the world. You’re it, and it’s here! You bring your unique communication, service, humor, kindness, compassion, art, song, literary contribution— your unique presence, in your unique expression!

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Stop right here, and just do this: put your attention on the essence of who you know yourself to be . . . come on, it’s easy, let your attention reside wherever it will in your body that feels right. Do you sense the quietening that results? Now, deepen that attention . . . Did you just sigh? It feels really good, doesn’t it?

It is simple, the only thing you need to remember is YOU ARE THE ONLY YOU, so you EXPERIENCE THE ESSENCE of who you uniquely are, then you LIVE IT, BE IT and WEAR IT . . . sing it, write it, dance it, etc. With your attention placed on the ESSENCE of who you know yourself to be (whatever that looks like to you — a place in your body, an image, words, a feeling) then allowing that attention to deepen, you CAN activate your truest self.

Notice whatever subtle shift occurs and pay attention to the thoughts, inspirations, images and messages that appear in your mind; then keep deepening the attention on the ESSENCE of who you are. Your true self begins to emerge, directing you to action.
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Let me say here that the ESSENCE of who you are does not need external validation or reflection.

You are creating the movie of your life, and you are the visionary, writer, director, producer, executive producer and investor, as well as the camera and the movie screen — your ESSENCE is the light of inspiration that keeps evolving the result. Like my husband says, “You are either the star in your own movie, or an extra in someone else’s.” (He often quotes the I Ching or somebody; and he is also always right.) The challenge is to allow as much light of ESSENCE to permeate your creation as possible.

Uncovering your ESSENCE is making conscious your process of self-actualization. Self-actualization is about moving up to the next level and being the best we can be in order to give meaning to our life — something everyone strives to do whether consciously or not.

Just paying attention to your ESSENCE, it is almost guaranteed that something unimaginably interesting and wonderful will reveal itself to you. Simple, right?

Do it again right now: just put your attention on the ESSENCE of who you know yourself to be . . . You can call it meditation if you want, but the fact that you can do this one thing all day long, while you are going about doing your life, is pretty convenient.
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Courage is a requirement however, as you may indeed stand alone in the light of who you really know yourself to be.

You may also have to learn to be content with the awareness that you are the only you, and that the essential expression of you is emerging, regardless of whether you are ever liked, loved or accepted for it. Can you be comfortable with that realization?

Aaaah, now we are getting somewhere! You may also discover in this process that you are not exactly fitting in to some existing constructs, i.e., religions, jobs, relationships and certain societal norms. What is the face of belonging for you at this point?

Sometimes, learning a religion, or even a skill set, can overshadow your path to realization of your particular ESSENCE, and you may quite simply become a Solitary Realizer (in a broad sense, not strictly the Buddhist definition).

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In this context we refer to the Solitary Realizer as anyone who finds themselves, after a certain point, not identifying with any external construct, and therefore having to determine their own, unique path.

Now for the deep water dive (my birth sign is Pisces). This is where there may come a time when many or all of your existing constructs fall away, as they cease to be options to contain the ESSENCE of who you REALLY are.

Did I just set you adrift? I’m afraid so . . . You could find yourself in a seemingly void space, in the in between of having no particular external form to identify with, and no particular way to follow.

This point of no particular form and no particular way is the part of the process in being a Solitary Realizer©, that the Synchronistic Mystic© can be born. All you are left with to guide you is the present moment, to meet whatever synchrony of events becomes apparent, and you begin to rely on the courage of your unique superhero-ness.
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Here’s a clue for you: Information is irrelevant, since it has absolutely nothing to do with ESSENCE . . .

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I know I just triggered your OCD proclivities, so hang in there with me. Truth is, EXPERIENCE THE ESSENCE and you KNOW YOURSELF!

Only then can the process begin of learning how to navigate with skillful means in the world at large from that true North Star of your essence. In the words of Martha Beck, “Explorers depend on the North Star when there are no other landmarks in sight. The same relationship exists between you and your right life, the ultimate realization of your potential for happiness. I believe that a knowledge of that perfect life sits inside you just as the North Star sits in its unaltering spot.”

This is the point where the freedom of no choice is your right. You can become a veritable stalker of SOMETHING UNIMAGINABLY WONDERFUL, good dreams and magically divine providence, all available to tune into on your unique frequency of existence.

Below is a LIST (because we all really like these numbered lists of stuff):


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If you don’t read any further, just go do something wonderful that expresses you!! Take a step into creation. ACTIVATE YOURSELF NOW, because NOW is the only time we can do anything.

Even the future and the past will be and have been, just moments of a sequential, spontaneous, unfolding of a NOW! So NOW — did I say NOW — I mean NOW is all we are ever working with to change, create and evolve.

You activate you! Let me say that again, you activate you, so this is your opportunity to be part of a club where everyone is consciously choosing to activate themselves.

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This collective activation is focused on cultivating wisdom, kindness, goodness, compassion, gratitude, joy, LOVE, etc., — the highest common denominator expression of human evolution. Each person activates these qualities in themselves, while also encouraging others to do the same, consequently sparking others to activate themselves, and so on in a chain of energy. Buddhists call this bodhicitta, “enlightenment-mind," which is the mind that strives toward awakening, empathy, and compassion for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Moving the energy, passed from person to person, results in a ripple effect. Be part of the wave of ACTIVATED — awakened, compassionate, enlightened minds and noble hearts.
Finding others of like mind on your shared frequency of awareness, and syncing up to a focused connection with them is an important part of activation.
Note that people who share the ability to be curious about others, observant of their own nature, self-aware of their interactions and responsible with their own energy can be much more available to objective, creative interaction. You are in charge of what you do and how you do it. Allow your true self, your highest self, the ESSENCE of who you are, to show you exactly where you need to be and what you need to do.

Follow the synchronicities — the meaningful coincidences.

When centered within our Synchronistic life journey, we become wise and clear about past events and how they have prepared us to break through into a new life purpose. In this state, we feel enlarged and knowing, as though our minds suddenly download a higher intelligence from within.

2. You Will Face Your Dragons . . . Breathe . . .

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Your fears and insecurities will surface, just observe them and keep moving. Deal with the resistance as necessary.

Yes, you may notice some internal challenging as the ego pattern grid that you have navigated by until now gets reshaped and repopulated, reseeded if you will.

You are experiencing an operating system upgrade, and it can come with some period of adjustment.

Christie Marie Sheldon is a master at providing tools to remove blocks and resistance, and she has effectively incorporated Dr. David Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness. In her words, every person on the planet possesses what is known as a personal energetic frequency — a form of energy that dictates what kind of circumstances and events we will attract into our lives. Your personal vibration frequency could be the ONE thing holding you back from abundance, happiness and success. Discover how to raise it, so you can finally start living from the vibration of Love or Above.

Just remember, this is a process of dissolving everything you are NOT, so you can see what you ARE. I won’t mitigate the extent of this part of the life process. Let’s face it, you may need quite a bit of attention continually focusing and refocusing on your ESSENCE to be able to operate from there at least 51 percent of the time.

However, the infinite, limitless, powerful being that you are, with infinite possibilities in your field of reality, can instantly — instantly — instantly adjust your frequency to command yourself. Say it now, “I am an infinite being, with infinite possibilities.”

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You must still be willing to move out of your comfort zone and take risks continually, even though you may make some seemingly wrong turns in the beginning. . . Brian Tracy wrote, the real secret is that you must be prepared to make continual course corrections. Just as an aircraft faces headwinds, downdrafts, storm fronts, wind shear, lightning and unexpected turbulence, you will experience the same in the pursuit of any worthwhile goal.”

3. Tracking is a valuable tool. You are the bloodhound of your life.

Sniff out what is uniquely yours, and remember you are a work in progress — so expect delays, and seek alternate (and alternative) routes when necessary. Remember to keep making those course corrections by tracking the synchronicities. Definitions of tracking include: to apprehend; be hot on the trail; beat the bushes; bird-dog; bring to light; capture; catch; dig up; discover; dog footsteps of; draw an inference; expose; ferret out; find; go after; hunt; piece together; put together; run down; scout; sniff out; trace; trail; traverse; to unearth. Interestingly enough, there is a definition of tracking related to electronics, which I would relate here: “the maintenance of a constant difference in frequency between two or more connected circuits or components.”

We are literally tracking the frequency difference between ESSENCE and NOT ESSENCE . . . It’s time! Track who you are and how that experience of ESSENCE can be brought into the world!
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4. Sync Up and Flow! With Synchronicity — the Result Will Be the Explanation.

Allow your true self, your highest self, the ESSENCE of who you are, to show you exactly where you need to be and what you need to do.

If you have been harboring a subconscious singer, writer, dancer, jewelry maker, entrepreneur, peak performer, lounge lizard, nerd, cosmic clown, hermit, exhibitionist or whatever, now is your period of revelation.

What if you are the ABSOLUTELY ONLY ONE of something you reveal yourself to be? This is the risky part, where you have to leave your comfort zone to explore the uncharted, unknown and perhaps completely alien territory of being yourself!

That revelation can initially be disconcerting, lonely and even frightening! In fact, even if you discover you really want to do something that a lot of other people already do, YOU are the only one who can be YOU doing whatever that is.

Consider Pearl Fryar’s sculpted garden; there is no one else quite like Pearl. You are in charge of what you do and how you do it. Look at Oprah! There is certainly no one like her. She has increased her awareness and raised her vibrational energy dynamically, with the whole world watching and benefitting from her process.

Once you activate your ESSENCE, you will impeccably, inevitably be drawn to external situations and people who resonate to your frequency, vibration, magnetic — your pulsation of expression.

You will begin to notice how coincidences start flowing into synchronicities, and the result SHALL be the explanation.

5. If What YOU Want Doesn’t Exist, YOU Have to Create It!

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You live and create from the level of your AWARENESS.

An artist cannot lie, since what an artist creates, and the communication in that creation, is blatantly apparent to the viewing audience. You are the artist of the ultimate creative project that is your life; and you too are blatantly, unmistakably, fabulously and sometimes humiliatingly revealed in its many expressions. The more awareness you can bring to the reason you came here in the first place, the purpose for your unique existence, the more clearly you can express that.

Follow the creative thought, project or idea through to its ultimate conclusion, if you feel inspired by what has emerged.

Remember, we create from our level of awareness, so activating awareness of ourselves, our actions, our thoughts, others, what goes on in the world is an ongoing part of the process. Increasing our awareness and raising our vibrational energy, allows us to continually evolve our creative expression to be a more accurate reflection of your true self — our own unique purpose. Your life is your art, and an artist cannot lie, since the creation always comes from its source.

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6. BECOME YOUR UNIQUE SUPERHERO-NESS! Awareness is Your Greatest Ally.

Peek within. What made Wonder Woman a hero wasn’t her bulging muscles, her uncanny ability to leap onto tall buildings in a single bound, or her true talent of miraculously changing clothes while spinning 100 miles per hour, without even getting dizzy. Nope. What made her a hero was her compassion, her willingness to put herself in danger in order to help people, and that deep sense of OH YEAH! she felt deep down in her bones every time she rescued someone from being smooshed by an oncoming train. Our strengths are the subtle whisper that keeps us going when we want to curl up underneath the covers and give up. They are what bring a smile to our face when we’re moving through a difficult time. They are what make our heart sing, our arms reach for the sky, and our bellies fill with butterflies. They inspire hope, good deeds, and fearlessness.

Regarding awareness, you’re going to need this, lots of it. Find out what it is and get as much as you can! Definitions of awareness include: knowledge or perception; consciousness; recognition; realization; one’s increasing understanding of one’s own needs, behavior, attitudes, etc., especially as a member of a particular social or political group (the human race!!); the state of being conscious of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc. (situational awareness).

I am referring to awareness as a heightened state of being present in the moment, as follows: As children, we are remarkably aware. We absorb and process information at a speed that we’ll never again come close to achieving. New sights, new sounds, new smells, new people, new emotions, new experiences: we are learning about our world and its possibilities. Everything is new, everything is exciting, everything engenders curiosity. And because of the inherent newness of our surroundings, we are exquisitely alert; we are absorbed; we take it all in.

Recover your sense of childlike presence in the moment.

The superhero-ness of the child is fearless curiosity and exploration!

If you are invested in a belief system, at least examine it — belief systems have tied this planet in knots for eons! Objectify and observe who or what you are and go ahead and question the beliefs you hold about everything!

Are you triggered by what I just said? If so, that is a perfect indicator that your own belief systems may be keeping you from the fullest experience of your ESSENCE. If possible, loosen the grip of the controls placed on yourself and your world. Hopefully this can help free up the expression of who you uniquely are!

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.” Tony Robbins

As Vishen Lakhiani says, “Our beliefs evolve.” He also states, “The key to being extraordinary is knowing what rules to follow and what rules to break.”

7. Easy Does It If You Must — But Light Up! Turn Up Your Dimmer Switch!

If you need to, start simple. If you really want to wear those rhinestone studded sunglasses, go for it! The enjoyment of even the simplest choices in expression can be exhilarating! However, if you decide that you really want to wear those same bling glasses to a funeral, you could raise some eyebrows; but that is where the intention matters.

You may have had the dimmer switch turned down on the light of who REALLY are for so long, that when you actually turn up the light, you realize just how much you love to sparkle, shimmer and shine! In the words of an old Jimmy Buffet song, “I just want to live happily ever after, every now and then.”
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8. Or, Go Ahead, Paint the Wall Red! Find Your Edges and Intensify! Be outrageously cool and simply divine!

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I went through a period in my life when I was needing to let go of what other people thought about my choices. One of the most obvious examples was the paint colors I opted for in the wonderful little house my husband and I have occupied for the last 18 years or so. First, I painted all the walls in our main living area a different color, and one wall was a beautiful deep, autumn orange. My neighbor really hated it when she came to visit. I was not just a little disappointed by her very adamant dislike; and after she left, I proceeded to paint another wall a deep, dark red — partly to get over the perceived judgement! My point here is, sometimes you actually have to go 180 degrees opposite of your fear or reticence of something in order to move through whatever resistance may be keeping you from your full expression!

A great deal of the power of who you are can be released in the waves of creative focus. As my husband says, “Creativity is the best therapy!”

9. When you are ready, acknowledge that you want to claim your place as:

>One who chooses to cultivate awareness of the ESSENCE of who you are
>One who chooses to be motivated by kindness and compassion
>One who endeavors, however clumsily at times, to spark the willingness to inspire others to activate those qualities in themselves . . .

You can even say to yourself: I can NOW admit that I am, have been, and will always be a Solitary Realizer©, a Synchronistic Mystic©, and a lifetime member of the Bodhicitta Club©.

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10. OMG, there are ships in the harbor! You are learning to recognize your ESSENCE!

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The nod to ships not seen is referring, of course, to the famous story about the native Indians supposedly not being able to see the ships of Christopher Columbus when he arrived, even though they were in plain sight in the harbor. Apparently, the Indians simply did not possess the programming of the brain necessary — they had never before seen a ship, nor did they have the concept of ship in their culture, and so simply did not recognize its existence!!

You are refocusing so you can reset yourself from an internal validation point, seeking your own source code if you will, to have a more consistent experience of your essential nature, what is looks like, sounds like, tastes like, etc.

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You are programming the image of your unique ESSENCE in your brain, so you can recognize it!

You do this by tuning to when it feels just right, like when your hand is directly under the faucet as the water is running — to the left or right and you miss it, but just underneath aaaaahhhh, you’re there! What you SEE in that moment may surprise and delight you! Your conscious awareness is expanding!

Benjamin Hardy observes, “With enhanced consciousness, time will slow down for you. You’ll see things in several more frames than others. While they’re trying to react to the situation, you’ll be able to manipulate and tweak the situation to your liking.”

“Reality is based on your perception of the truth. Think about that statement for a bit, it will blow your mind, and blow the lid of what you perceive to be real and what is an illusion. You are here to live YOUR life, YOUR way and on YOUR terms, not for the people you work for, not the people in the media, and not to live in the little box that society may have placed you in. You are a unique individual, with talents, with drive, with passion, with ambition, with love, with laughter, with a soul that could melt the hardest of hearts, and with a mind as creative as Da Vinci.” Steven Aitchison

11. Below are more relevant quotes by well-known people, because we all like those, too:

“We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.” Jean Houston

Remember The Little Prince, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Antoine de Saint Exupéry

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” Arthur Schopenhauer (IQ=185), German philosopher

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” Henry Miller

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense.”~Kahlil Gibran

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson

12. A New Myth for Our Common Inheritance© — We need this!

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We are daily bombarded by influences from absolutely every form of media. The good news is, we have a plethora of choices. The bad news is, a large percentage of the choices available are, let’s face it, from pretty much the lowest common denominator of what the human species has to offer.

Jean Houston says, “When a culture is not mythologically instructed, not instructed in story that gives us a call, then we start looking for quasi-stories, little toxic stories that keep our selves alerted and spared until we find another story.”

Oprah has said, “Check your ego at the door and check your gut instead. Every right decision I have ever made has come from my gut. Every wrong decision I’ve made was the result of me not listening to the greater voice of myself.”

We are all ready for the revelation of a New Myth for Our Common Inheritance©, a new collective story that emanates from the highest common denominator of our awareness, allowing for the re-imagining of our future, both collectively and individually.

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In the words of Dr. David Hawkins, “We have innate within us tremendous, intense, powerful devotion. You don’t have to develop it, you only have to rediscover it. There is within us already, pre-existent, an energy of such enormous power, that one summons up that power to relinquish any and every attachment that stands in the way. You won’t find the willingness to do that within the ego structure. The ego instantly gives you an argument why it should not persist in the direction that it’s positioned. So one has to reach deeper into oneself. At the very innate core of one’s being is a spiritual power of enormous strength, which alone can accomplish the impossible.”

My husband often repeats this quote attributed to the Buddha, “You are already enlightened.”

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We all have the power of our unique superhero-ness inside us, ready for activation. It is the ESSENCE OF WHO WE ARE. Activate it NOW!

About Us:
I am Janella Lynn Marsh. My husband Ivan and I met in Santa Fe, NM in April, 1994 at a dinner party for James Redfield, the author of Celestine Prophecy. From the minute we met, our lives have been inexorably woven in a tapestry of synchronistic complexity and revelation. At that same time, we also met and began a relationship with a well known Hollywood producer. We joke of the years just after that time being the Synchronistic Mystic’s Bongo, Wall Street, Cha Cha©.

Since then, we have written two movie scripts, and are currently in the process of publishing an ebook in compilation of those two scripts, Druk, Shimmering in the Dreamtime©. The book tells the fantastic tale of a group of people each becoming their own unique SUPERHERO-NESS, and creating a new reality in a world constructed from a higher frequency of consciousness.

Like an ultimate, cosmic — GRAND SUPERHERO, Druk arrives on planet earth to level the playing field and change the human genetic code for good, as the invisible part of the universe begins to reveal itself, and the collective human brain is fully activated! Druk activates the third eye in Drukkers everywhere, and the adventure begins! (Think Alice in Wonderland meets Avatar in the Land of Oz . . . Click here for excerpts from the book.)

Our expression of the character that is Druk (the word is Bhutanese for thunder dragon) represents the evolutionary creative force of the universal, collective consciousness that drives through all of us and shapes our world (our collective ESSENCE if you will). This creative force frequency is rumbling through our world even now, and we are bound to ride it like cosmic surfers!
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We are now launching this blog, along with the merchandising of original designs by my husband, Ivan Marsh. The story of how those designs made it into form in this world, is his hero’s journey, which is epic. Just as Joseph Campbell describes: “A hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow boons on his fellow man.”

“There is something else that is trying to come through — that lure of becoming — and it does come from the realm of spirit, it does come from the quantum universe, it does come from the great spark that is the threshold of time and history trying to emerge and electrify us.” Jean Houston

This collaborative offering is our unique contribution to a New Myth for Our Common Inheritance©. We all have a contribution to make. What is yours?

Something unimaginably wonderful is about to happen!


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