The Introduction

I’m not entirely sure where to begin. There are so many thoughts racing through my mind so much so that I can’t pinpoint a particular topic to start off my essay.

I guess I can start with what I’m looking for from this application.

Someone special to me recommended this application and I don’t regret the download. There are plenty of articles that sparks my interests and there are plenty of sources of inspiration here. As an aspiring journalist, I find it extremely important to be in the know of topics that interests you.

It’s a misconception that having a niche of topics to focus on will help narrow down your ideas into a coherent string of essays. Scrolling through the home page of this application alone has taught me that.

So then, you might ask, “what exactly will you focus on?” The answer’s simple – nothing. I’m using this application solely to expand my horizon and knowledge on cetain topics as well as use it as a platform for emotional expression.

Admitedly, I haven’t written something mind boggling in quite awhile. It does startle me a bit. I feel like I’ve been focusing on the wrong things. I feel somewhat lost.

I just want to be on the right track.

I guess I just need some advice and I hope one day I’ll return the favour and give great advice too.