The Most Beautiful Girl

I’ve been putting this off for so long, mainly because I haven’t found the right words to describe your wonderful self. When I see you I get a sense of joy and excitement for I know that we have ideas to exchange. It’s great to know that although my points are not fully developed, I get the opportunity to find out more about your opinions and your views. That to me is amazing for you have a mind as beautiful as diamond. Your mind has the potential to create such underrated ideas and innovations that leaves me with more questions than answers, but I like that. I like that you keep me thinking and I like that I’m left with a philosophical question to think about when you leave. I honestly cannot feel any more blessed to have met you for you have broadened my perspective on life itself. It’s amazing.

You have a gaze so powerful that you can easily drag me into your control. And you have a smile so sweet that I’ve studied every crevice on your perfectly structured lips. Attracted to them I’ll always be, in a manner that entices me to them. And I’ll fall asleep tonight remembering the times your hands created some of the most intestesting art pieces I’ve ever seen.

If only you knew how much beauty you had in yourself. In every sense of the word.