Trying something new

My eyes are closed as I imagine a rope attached to my body. In my mind, I climb this rope. I feel the roughness of the rope, the thickness of it. I pull myself out of my body and look back down at myself. I am asleep, but I am awake.

I am pulling myself through layers of the cloudy sky. A new perspective to each layer. First I see a flight of birds flying backwords to the east. Next, I see the leaves that make up the head of the forest, dance to a very scared Hindu chant. Then I see a superior being with sepals for a skirt and a style for its arms. Its eye’s an ovum and it sips coconut juice from the micropyle. It has a slim and slender pedicel for a body and it glows with yellow light.

I am still climbing. I am at the very top. It is completely white up here. There’s a sofa. I’ll rest on it. Closing my eyes.

Closing my eyes to awake again.

I see clearly now.