Why does it take so long at the Nail Salon?

My boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to get my nails and toes done for Christmas. What a gentlemen right?! Well, today I finally used it. I scheduled my appointment for 415pm and arrived about 10 minutes early.

Atleast I have on my comfy Nike Tech Knit Tights on…

Crazy I know, because if you know me… I am NEVER on time. CP Time usually, oops. Anyweave, I walk in and of course they awkwardly greet you about 30 seconds AFTER you already walked in. They say something really fast and I say, mani and pedi please. They say “oh okay, 10 minute..pick your color” I then proceed to pick my color and take a seat.

I go on to move in the pedicure seat where I continue to wait. It’s now 4:34 and I am still waiting. It’s been 20 minutes and no one looks like they are close to being done.

I finally get some action when one of the ladies puts water in the tub but I continue to wait. its 4:50 now and my water is starting to get cold….

My water was actually freezing…

I FINALLY get my toes done and the lady is THE SLOWEST. I mean, come on…its like 5:30 and I don’t have any polish on my toes. Thankfully I had my headphones and I was able to listen to Gary Vee podcasts because I may have lost it…

Another lady comes over and starts to do my hands. It’s uncomfortable when she does my left hand because I had to reach over my body and my shoulders are extremely tight. It was whatever…

Fast forward, I finally get done with my mani and pedi and I look at the clock and it says 6:50. I couldn’t believe it. Was I really in the nail salon for almost THREE HOURS. I didn’t even get fake nails put on!!!!!!!

On a positive note, my nails are done and I was able to listen to Gary Vee drop knowledge bombs as usual. But GEEZ, why does it take SO LONG at the salon? I don’t know how some of you girls do it. The ones who go every 2 weeks. That’s a lot of hours racked up at the salon. What do you do? How long is too long? Are you friends with your nail technician? Do you watch a movie? Help a sister out because my mind is spinning the second I sit into that chair.

Welp, won’t be going back there #sorrynotsorry

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