Hope Fueled Renegade: part 3 — Click here for Part 1 and Part 2

Photo by Stian Roenning. Design by Sandra Sonik. Featuring Janelle Gueits


The rollercoaster of emotion subsides

the adrenaline flat lines

the pulse so faintly sings “I’m alive!”

The eyes open, oh so slowly

now as if seeing for the first time

to discover you have fallen flat on your back

Back looking up at the same sky you pondered at as a child

and the voice faintly speaks

“Well I guess I asked you to show me the world. I supposed I said I wanted to feel everything.”

Or was it a nightmare? Am I now dreaming?

I suppose I did say “please use me as an instrument”

Suddenly, there is a twinkle from a distant world winking

and lightness comes over you

In the process, you lost everything

own no materials goods, possess no worldy treasures,

but somehow now your eyes can see beyond

anything of this world

like a Blind Knight with a vision

into a realm of infinite possibilities

Reborn and awakened by the harmonious song,

you rise to face the dawn, and can now feel it,

like a drum beat playing within you

the song of the bird in perfect tune

the wind a tickling embrace

you are like a conspirator with the universe

More humble than dirt

lighter than the stars

You are just the “I am” of “SER”

you are nothing and everything

like the Constant and the Force

co-creating with the main Artist

in a Rebellion for Hope.

Written by Janelle Gueits

The Making of a Hope Fueled Renegade Cont’d

….(will be added soon!)

Thank you for allowing me to pull back the layers and share a piece of my artistic heart. I am beyond words in awe to have this film play in people’s hearts and provide us the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful individuals.

I am overjoyed to share my documentary “13 Million Voices” with Los Angeles tomorrow, Sunday, October 16, 2016.

It is going to be a very special evening that I am so pleased to share with more of the contributing filmmakers and artists behind this film.

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