What it’s like to be that fat person sitting next to you on the plane.
Your Fat Friend

OMG! what an amazing read, I have a medical condition and therefore am big. I always find it amazing that you don’t hear about the “skinny” horror stories, like when I was flying all over america having a skinny person take up my space..and yes it was my space..my hubby and I lift the armrest between us so that I am well and truly in my seat. They have their own arm rest but no, they have to use the two arm rests and then their shoulder evades my seat zone. In future I will be ringing for the flight attendant and I will be complaining that they can’t keep their skinny bodies to themselves. I fly business and first class where the seats are wider and you don’t have some skinny kids kicking you in the back. Big people are the scapegoats for everything and anything that is wrong. I like the stories I have read where a person buys two seats so that they can spread out only to be told that they can’t guarantee the seat next to them…huh? Isn’t the reason you are making this person buy an extra seat is so they don’t evade someone’s seat zone…but you can’t be guaranteed that the extra seat will be next to you??? I blame TV programs like the biggest looser where they punish the overweight and now people think it is okay to punish the overweight without even knowing their story.