Letter to Ivanka
Isabel Rose

Dear Isabel Rose:

You are more kind and patient to the recipient of your letter than I could ever be. I wish you and your family peace and happiness and I hope that your daughter never has to worry about whether or not she will be protected by her government.

Ivanka Trump took on — by choice — the role of informal advisor. She told us she would help. She owes it to women and families to live up to what she — voluntarily — promised.

As you far too kindly point out, she is failing us all.

When she pulls him aside, as you suggest, she needs to tell him to speak out — IMMEDIATELY — against the hate crimes that result from the country he has divided… he has said nothing about the most recent vandalism to a Jewish cemetery and threats across the country… he said nothing about the people who were massacred after being told to “get out of my country”…. and then there are the transgender bathrooms, where he not only stayed silent, but has now contradicted a promise he made during the campaign — he said he would leave this alone. That means he lied. Again.

Ivanka should be ashamed of her father. This selfish family is tearing this nation apart and continuing to live their gilded lifestyle — and we, the American taxpayers are paying for it while they do it.

I sound angry but really, I’m just exhausted. I’m tired of these people who have NO idea the impact of their words, the bigger impact of their silence and the impact of their poorly-devised directives, have on this country.

Please tell all your mutual friends to talk to their friend. Better yet, tell them all we will be better off when everyone takes off their Jimmy Choos and walk in the shoes of an average American.

Thank you for speaking up. I wish you and your family well. I hope you can get through and convince them that those who stand silently by are equally guilty and those who do while they claim to lead and could do something about it, are the cause of the most danger.

Your fellow citizen,


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