We are all immigrants

My grandparents Patrick and Jane fled their homeland and came to the United States, they arrived by boat in steerage. They had nothing to their names, but they got off the boat with hope in their hearts, a sparkle in their eyes and determined to work hard. They found work, built a life, and became members of the Boston community. They had Helen and Josephine, two young women who were raised to speak their mind and pursue their dreams at a time when women were not encouraged to step out into the world boldly. I am named after my grandmother Jane, a firebrand, local activist, who stood out in her community by standing up for those who could not stand on their own. She inspired my mother to travel the world and serve the United States government for her entire career.

I will not disappoint either of these powerful women. I promise to stand up and fight with my dollars, my pen, and my voice. I cannot see our Nation destroyed by the narrow minded individuals that are about to take office.