China’s Largest Translation Company Announces Online Debut of Professional Transcription Service Website

Anytranscription is a transcription service website provided by IOL (Internet of Language). IOL is also a part of Transn (China) Technology Co., Ltd., which is China’s largest translation company. In order to further expand business operations in the market globally and fulfill the vision of customers communicating directly with the world using their native language, Transn announced the startup of first professional transcription service website — Anytranscription — on March 20, 2015, based on its more than 10 years of in depth experience in the translation industry. Anytranscription mainly provides professional online audio or video transcription services for customers around the world, combining internet technology, transcription software and manual proofreading in order to make its online transcription services more reliable, convenient and fast.
Reason for Coming Online
When first established, IOL did not pay particular attention to transcription operations, treating it as an operation supplementary to translation, and mainly providing services for telephone conferences, academic courses and television commercials. Through Anytranscription’s superb quality and service, it has obtained long-term trust from some customers, thus gradually expanding its business step by step, spreading out to fields such as general transcription, academic transcription, business transcription, legal transcription, conference transcription and so on. With English and Chinese as its main languages, the service covers more than 20 languages including Russian, French and Korean.
According to market research (2014) from IBIS World’s Document Preparation Services, the annual output value of video postproduction operations reached $6 billion, which means that there is a huge market for video transcription. In order to better provide high-quality, professional and efficient online transcription services for new and registered customers, with the market demands of transcription services gradually increasing year after year, the service needs of registered customers gradually increasing year after year, as well as the mature use of internet technology, IOL has decided to separate transcription operations from translation operations and bring Anytranscription — a new professional transcription website — online to meet the refined requirements of more customers and open up a new global market.
Primary Service
Anytranscription mainly practices Internet thinking, encouraging customers to place orders in the form of digital files, fulfilling the complete process online service model of “registration ¬ order ¬ payment ¬ processing ¬ completion ¬ document delivery ¬ feedback”: it allows customers to monitor the processing of orders at any time and achieve transparency and controllability of customer service processes; allowing customers to place orders in a simple and easy to use manner and streamline the process to the maximum and save them time.
Relatively speaking, Anytranscription formulates customer-focused, self-customized transcription services at relatively low prices. Every customer has one assigned Account Executive, who provides a one-to-one tracking service and seeks solutions to a full range of issues by providing customers high quality personalized service with the order at the center and making the customer satisfied.
Development Prospects
Though it is a transcription website that is coming online for the first time, Anytranscription is a not a beginner in its field. Anytranscription has a mature level of knowledge in terms of experience, platform and service. Without doubt, in future work, Anytranscription will shine even brighter with more practice.
Anytranscription not only has a mature production platform system listed in the 2014 “national key cultural export projects”, it has also received government funding support and attention. Moreover, the Anytranscription platform has shown superior interoperability, intelligence and efficiency in terms of synchronization and sub-sectors. Therefore, Anytranscription believes that a bright future can be expected by following the market trends and concentrating on transcription services based on customer-orientation.