Portal Instruments develops award winning needle-free jet injection

Majority of us tend to get squeamish at the mere idea of getting a shot. I am one of those people. I avoid going to the doctor or getting vaccines, or anything medical pretty much….just to dodge THE NEEDLE. However I have close friends who suffer from chronic illnesses that require them to self inject regularly, I always feel a deep pang of sorrow for them every time I think of them having to push that long needle into thier skin, thinking of that sickening pain that they must feel. The anxiety that builds up from anticipating the pain and the push of the needle into our skin is a real issue for me and so it must be for them. I cant even imagine having to do that every day, or even worse having to do it to someone else.

However the solution is in sight!! I recently found out that an amazing company called Portal Instruments has produced a way to avoid the pain, anxiety and trouble of handling needles by developing a needle-free jet injection. Current modes of injection require patients to have the needle in for 10–20 seconds for a complete dose. This needle-free delivery system administers a narrow stream of medication through the skin in less than half a second. It delivers the injection with the exact dose of medication needed.

With this device, there won’t be any burden placed on patients. Those who self-manage their chronic illness from home with biologic-based therapies find that having needles in the home are not the ideal. They worry about the inconvenience of disposing needles and the safety issues such as having young children in the house who may get a hold of the needle and syringes. This needle-free injection eliminates that fear.

Founded in 2012 by Ian Hunter, Patrick Anquetil, Andrew Taberner and Cathy Hogan, Portal Instruments won South By Southwest’s “Interactive Innovation Award” in the Health, Med and Biotech category for 2017. They were also awarded the “On The Rise Company” award at the 2016 Drug Delivery Partnerships annual meeting by a panel of industry leaders and executives.

Portal Instruments has taken the pressure and stress off of those who have to self inject and manage their illness. They aim to replace all needles and syringes with this alternative safe, fast and easy device.

I for one am SO EXCITED! I cant wait to stop being scared of going to the doctor and I am even more relieved for my friends who have Diabetes or are taking IVF. Finally someone is presenting us with a pain free option!! Bring it on!