Who Floats far Above Earth and Stone

I wonder if a certain level of intelligence robs you of empathy.

Is there a correlation between the level of abstraction you’re able to comprehend and the level of human connection you able to experience? It’s no more than an observation, but the easier one seems to get complex and abstract notions, the further they stray from the ability to share the other’s feeling.

It seems at times you are appalled by the inevitable humanness of the humanity. An idealist, wishing to save the world without directly dealing with its members. Disappointed with the imperfections of the body, resentful of its weaknesses and needs.

You are of that kin whose inventions will be used as mass destruction weapons because you didn’t add human anger to your equations. The realm of notions and ideas, suspended way above the garbage we endure, shelters your mind from filth. The riddles and the answers of the universe are beautiful and balanced, weaved in order in your anxious head.

All in order, all pretty.

People are smart, and graceful, and enlightened where you are. They aim for good. I have no intent to draw a sweeping conclusion that people are somehow evil at core. That would be insensitive of the cross-century thought battle and all the books on the subject (that could warm up the whole state of New York if used as firewood). So none of that generalizing nonsense.

But your idea of a decent human seems to shove the absolute majority right behind the “acceptable” line. So there’s a possibility you will keep getting disappointed in people when they act, well, human. You might want to look into that.

Do not mix empathy with discernment. Higher intelligence will definitely grant you the latter, making you perfectly aware of other people’s motives and possible actions, making them predictable and easy to manipulate. This has little to do with empathy. You will understand their actions with your brain, you’ll even be able to name the exact feelings they go through, yet all those will be mere words.

Which means, they’ll call you selfish, careless or cruel, and you will be to them. Because knowledge and experience are larger than life to you, even than your own.