Me: bearing my daughter for 9 months, undergoing a caesarian section, and nursing for 16 months. I love ❤ my daughter, but having her also took effects for me like joint paints for months, hemorrhoids, mastitis, lack of sleep 💤, body ache, muscle 💪 ache. It’s like I love ❤ her but somehow I’m tired and need some entertainment to amuse me because I’ve been in so much pain.

My husband: only give some money not cover all the expenses, didn’t get any effect on the process on conceiving our daughter, help a little on getting some food, seldom massage me, spend some times with our daughter holding her and playing with her, yet already feel he has the most love for our children. And act as if he’s a hero for our family.

I’m sick of my husband, I’m sick of my life. I think this is a joke 😄.

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