How to Start Up (and Run) an Animal Rescue

Jane Sorensen
Oct 4, 2016 · 2 min read

I wrote about a topic I knew well (and wanted to see just how much I knew about it). It turned out that it’s basically thirteen parts in six areas. It covers most, if not all, aspects of running an animal rescue operation.

Twelve years ago, a switch flipped in my brain when joy followed by grief entered my personal life. I became a “rat mom,” and when the rat got sick and died out of our ignorance of what would have been better living conditions for her, I resolved to make amends. I began a rodent rescue. I ran it for three years. Here are the notes of what I can say about how to use your home, your time, and your skills to help animals in need.

Flash cards I started on this topic in 2008. Ideas for a future book included an explanation of the situation, facts, figures, stories, description of support networks, legal/industrial boondoggles, and cultural issues.

“If academic papers have not been written on the economics of the pet trade and animal sheltering, then there needs to be.” — Me, 2007.

Then I did nothing about it.

I figure an outline of a book on how to start up and run an animal rescue would contain the following headings, and on this quick tutorial, I’ll deal with each in summary form.

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