my checklist is keeping me single
Reid Schretlen

If you’ve never created a list, keep it that way! (A very short list of deal-breaking behaviour is OK though, especially if you’ve noted it’s a pattern of yours). If you have created a list, throw away all superficial items, especially those out of the person’s control, and for the rest, downgrade everything to a “note to self” or “nice to have.” You are looking for a partner who’s got a lot of compatibility. For example, if you like hiking, you will lose your hobby, but not the desire, if you couple up with someone who has zero interest in it (and hiking is a long-life activity). Combining too many dissonances can make a lovely person less lovely. Accommodating a character flaw (no one’s perfect) is a life-long commitment. You can definitely get sidetracked by making too many exceptions and just accepting them as they are…you don’t even have to ask me. Fall in love, just don’t be foolish.