Awaiting Aubrey

Our first grandchild is due any moment now. We live several hours from our youngest son and daughter-in-law, but as soon as we get the word, we’re there. Nothing could keep us from meeting Aubrey. Nothing. She is already loved beyond measure and we can’t wait until she’s here!

I remember wanting girls and instead, I got two boys. But that was okay. Our boys were and are the focus of our lives and we adore them. I stayed home for the first six years of motherhood returning to work after my youngest was four. We had a karate school by that time and our boys trained off and on during their childhood. When the boys had finished seventh and fourth grades respectively, they began homeschooling and would continue that until they began attending college. It was an interesting life albeit one that was a little outside the norm but they both were graduated from college and now have successful lives of their own.

And then the best news came! Our daughter-in-law was pregnant! When we heard the news about Aubrey we were over the moon! I held off buying anything for a while because I knew once I started I wouldn’t stop. They made the mistake of inviting us to the baby shower and letting us know about their registry at Amazon. Full confession: I went a little crazy. And then there’s the baby department in every big box store in town. I can’t seem to walk by without buying something. So there’s more to take when the time comes.

Sadly, we were unable to attend the baby shower because my husband was keeping the water flowing to our 14 person water association while we waited for the drillers to arrive. But the new well is in and now we await Aubrey’s arrival. One of our bee hives swarmed twice during that time and as we were collecting them up I couldn’t help but imagine Aubrey in a little bee suit helping us with a swarm. Children are a natural with bees and make wonderful beekeepers. And I can’t wait to see her in her first suit!

When Aubrey arrives she’ll go home with two parents who will surround her with love and devotion. They’ve prepared their home as well as her room for Aubrey’s arrival and it’s clear that the endless love they share will be showered on their daughter. Their home sits on some acreage giving Aubrey all the room she needs to play and create. And given the parents she has, her life will be full of discovery and promise.

Her grandparents both near and far will teach her things only grandparents know and Aubrey will know deeply the love that only grandparents can provide. From horses and gardening to herbs and experiencing nature, Aubrey will benefit from an unconditional love and legacy that will sustain her throughout her life to come.

We’re all waiting for you, baby girl. Besides, there’s nothing like a baby to hold. And we can’t wait to hold Aubrey.

Originally published at on July 12, 2017.