Empath Strategies: Tunnel Vision

What if it was never about experiencing life in duality, but simply about experiencing life? Definition limits us. The more we define something, the more narrow the box in which it lives. What if we were never supposed to see the differences? Or at least not let what we see affect us?

We’ve put interaction before our own presence. How often do we simply observe without judgment? The minute we engage with what we see around us then we become part of another’s creation. And that’s when our vision is limited to what’s in front of us. We either see it from the other’s perspective, or we judge the situation and form our own. Either way, we’ve stopped our own creative process in lieu of someone else’s.

If we never get into the either/or of something then we stay in nonresistance, effortlessly flowing through life. But we’re asked to have opinions and judged harshly when we don’t. It’s as if we’re viewed as someone who doesn’t participate in life. And to that I say, thank you.

The minute empaths feel something, we want to feel in and see what’s up. We’re all told to observe instead of absorb but we apparently haven’t figured out that to do that we have to stop feeling in all the time. Notice, but don’t stay. Develop tunnel vision. Ignore the folks that say you’re aloof or standoffish. It’s about survival and they don’t understand what you’re dealing with anyway.

Regarding that tunnel vision I mentioned, when you do this, you’ll find that you will shield much less. It takes engagement for much of the vampiric energy we experience to affect us. It’s the seeing of it that takes away our control. We look too long, feel in too much, and then there you go, we’re off and running in someone else’s experience. And as empaths we really need to see all of this as someone else’s experience if we want to stay in our own alignment. Trust me on this. Getting through the day is so much easier if we can stay aligned in Higher Self presence.

How others view us is none of our business because it’s their view. Even if it’s spot on, what difference does it make in the long term? It’s judgment and something we all need to stay clear of. Responding to it makes it real and why would we ever want to do that? It has nothing to do with the life we’re supposed to be creating for ourselves.

Yes we’re one in Source Energy. And it’s also true we’re still one in Source Energy while in physical form even though it doesn’t appear so. So if someone suggests that we’re out for ourselves, to that I say, yes we are. And it’s not selfish to say this. Instead, it reflects an understanding of our true purpose.

Although I know people who seem to enjoy conflict with others, I think most people aren’t comfortable with it. So can you imagine if we eliminated that type of engagement with others? What if our engagement with others centered around support and encouragement? I’d certainly rather do that than argue with someone or feel uncomfortable with their energy.

If life in physical form reflects a singular focus, in other words, we each exist in only one body, then pursuing that focus without derailing anyone else’s should be our primary goal. Take a day, or even five minutes, and try that.

You’ll feel lighter. A sense of peace envelops you. It’s addictive. You’ll want more.

We’re here to be happy. We’re here to create. And we are so Blessed Be.

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Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on June 6, 2016.