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I read something today about patriarchy that really has me scratching my head. Although I think I understand what the author was talking about, I disagree with her premise I guess. At least I think I do. Apparently women are as responsible for misogyny as are men and we confuse patriarchy with masculinity. And that men want what we want are really reaching out for understanding and we should embrace them for that.


Then she wants all of the Goddesses out there to get off their high horses about all of it. It’s a paradigm after all. And that’s true. It is a paradigm. But paradigms like patriarchy result in behavior that’s oppressive and unwanted, so there’s no high horse to get off of here. We’re just trying to be safe in a really unsafe world. She ended her piece by telling Boudicca, a great grandmother in my ancestry, to put down her sword. Right, like that would ever happen.

Okay. Yes, we participate in our experiences. I agree with that. If someone behaves in a misogynistic manner to me, I have a choice to call them out on their behavior, or to respond in any other way I might wish. If I choose to say nothing, does it then mean I’m part of the problem? What if I’m afraid? What if I say something and it causes further trouble? Because this has happened to me. I told a man to leave me alone one time and he came up behind me and grabbed my hair and said all sorts of disgusting things to me. Was I to embrace this man as someone who was reaching out to me as the author suggests? Or should I have called the police and let him feel the embrace of law enforcement?

The other thing I found odd was her use of Sister(s). It’s like when someone uses your first name while explaining something to you. It’s condescending and when it happens, I stop listening. I do. I just stop and I don’t care what the person has to say ever again. It’s a zero tolerance thing for me.

Maybe my problem with this is because I don’t see duality the way the author apparently does. I believe the only true duality is nonphysical versus physical presence, so any talk of duality based in physical form is an illusion of sorts. When we talk about Sacred Feminine this and Sacred Masculine that, we’re really defining ourselves in a way that lends itself to expressions of separation when our nonphysical aspect of Self already embodies both of those concepts. Of course the argument to that could be that we live our physical aspect of Self, that our nonphysical aspect isn’t particularly relevant, yet it must be if we’re interjecting the Sacred into the conversation.

I like that the author challenges the reader to think outside the box, so to speak, on a subject that’s clearly controversial, but I still disagree. When women talk about patriarchy, they’re talking about behavior. It may indeed be a paradigm, but it’s behavior that makes us afraid, that keeps us making less than our male counterparts, that oppresses, controls, hurts, and yes, sometimes kills us.

We may stay longer than is safe, but he’s convinced us that he’ll kill us and/or our children if we leave.

Should I have not found an apartment for my mother, brother, and myself after graduating from high school when we were no longer safe from my father? Should we have embraced him when he followed my mother home from work one day? Should we have understood and let him hurt us? Again?

I allowed men to sexually harass me at a business I co-owned with my husband because I was afraid of losing business if I spoke up. Am I part of the problem? On one level, yes. But should I have embraced them for it? Was it okay for one guy to describe my body to me and then giggle to the friend he brought with him, pointing while saying, look how skinny she is, while his friend grinned from ear to ear. Should I have contacted his wife and asked if she wanted me to embrace him, or would she want that privilege? Should I have called my husband into the room, told him what was going on and allowed him to handle it?

So you can see how I’m confused.

There’s lots of men out there who understand how to treat others, women included. They are respectful and have integrity. I know because I’ve been married to one for some 37 years. These are not the men of patriarchy. They’re part of the solution. And while telling women to get off their high horses might spark conversation, it doesn’t take into account the real experiences many of us have.

Women aren’t stupid. We see what’s going on in the world and we are as savvy as we can be to negotiate around all the obstacles that are placed in our way. And to suggest that we help put them there is not just insensitive, but in this Crone’s opinion, wrong.

Blessed Be to all the women up there on their high horses. Stay there. We’ve had to walk behind for too long.

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RuneName &
 MeaningIndicates or
 ApplicationsElement &
 NatureTarotColorStone &

 Cattle/wealthwealth, motivation, abundance, life force, manifests productive energymanifest psychic energy, sending rune, has positive effect on surrounding runes, hastens things along, strengthens any runescriptFire
 The Tower
 High Priestessgold
 birch, flax, alder

 aurochs, strengththe rune of changes, endurance, courage, energy shaping matter, focus into form, draw something to you, remove self-doubt and obstaclesEarth
 masculineHierophant/High Priest, The Tower, High Priestessbrownish green
 tiger eye, hawk eye

 giant, chaosnew beginnings, catalytic situation, catalyzes changes, neutralizes opposition, what opposes youweather working, love magick, protection, defenseFire
 masculineEmperor/Lordredhematite, agate, bloodstone, oak, hawthorn

 Odin’s Rune
 primal soundcommunication, confidence, wisdom gained, spiritual consciousness, Mind rune, clarityincrease magickal energies, eloquence, past life regression, channel Higher SelfAir
 Triple GodFool, Hierophant/High Priest, Hermit, Deathdark bluelapis lazuli
 hazel, ash

 ridephysical/spiritual journey, rhythmic motion, harmony of purpose, travel, process is goalbalance unstable situations, astral travel, alignment with Higher Self, directs energy in specific manner,Air
 masculineSun, Hierophant/High Priestbright redtourquoise, oak, holly

 Fire, Torch, LightRune of Openings, healing, love, passion, reveals secrets, enlightment, purificationspells for clarity and awakening, strengthens any runescript, awakens creativity and intuitionFire
 feminineMoon, Wheel of Fortune, Chariotlight red, orangeamber, flint, fire agate, smoky quartz

 GiftWhat will be given to you, balanced energy exchange, marriage, partnership, equilibriumcreate an link between forces, fertility, marriage spells, increase magickal powersAir/Water
 feminineHigh Priestess, Loversblue, emeraldemerald, jade, ash, apple, heartsease, elm

 JoyThe Wish Rune, harmony, contentment, like mindedness, peace, sensuality, empathygoverns bindrune creation, attract a partner, seductionEarth
 masculineHierophant/High Priest, Strength/Adjustmentyellow, purple, greenrose quartz, topaz, flax, ivy, bramble, ash

 Hailpositive result, working within a fixed framework, the Witch rune, disruption in preparation for change, protection, luck, crystallizes life patternNorn rune — past — Urdh, marriage blessing, banishing, shamanic passage & hedgeriding, turns away storms, bring down a feverWater, Ice
 Triple Goddess, feminineEmperor/Lord, World/Universe, Devil/Cernunnoslight bluejet, crystal, ash, nightshade, elder, yew

 Needlink between forces of destiny, overcoming distress, achieving goals, positive change in storeNorn Rune — future — Skuld, love magick, binding spells, banishing, cleansing, shaping outcomesFire
 feminineDeath, Tower, The Devil/Cernunnosblackobsidian, alder, rowan, beech

 Ice, inertiastandstill, situations on hold, development of will, inward focus, clarity, focusNorn Rune — Static realm — Verdandi, halt unwanted forces, blocking rune, clarity, concentrated will, weather magick, shieldingwater, Ice
 feminineJustice/Lust, Hermit, Hanged Manwhite, blackdiamond, henbane, alder, beech, blackthorn

 Yearbrings events to pass, legal matters, fertility, rune of transformation and balance, luck, gardening, relationship energy alignmenttransformation, gardening rune, move energy, invoke changeEarth
 feminineJustice/Lust, Foollight blue, green, redmoss agate, rosemary, oak

 Yewrune of paradox, connection between opposites, attaining one’s objective, strength, prevents self-destructive behaviortrance work, link between realms, axis of transforming magickal energy, banishing, protection, survivalAll
 masculineDevil/Cernunnos, Hangman, Chariot, Deathdark blue, light greensmoky quartz, hemlock, mandrake, beech, yew

 Chance, cup for throwing lotsmystery of fate, the womb, evolving ideas, childbirth rune, unknown or Wyrd, cause/effect, power of Norns to decide fate health, healing, finding lost things, divinationWater
 feminineTower, Wheel of Fortuneblack, white, red, purpleonyx, aconite, elder, yew, beech

 Elk, protectionprotection, BiFrost bridge, connection between physical/nonphysical realms, Guardian rune of higher consciousness, friendshipincrease magickal field around you, protectionAir/Fire/Water
 masculineLovers,The Moongold, silver/blueblack tourmaline, angelica, rowan, yew

 Sunwhat guides you, Rune of Higher Self, illumination, self-confidence & guidance, victory, spiritual energy & strengthstrengthens other workings, journeying, strenthens magickal willFire
 feminineJudgment/Aeon/Rebirth, Sun, Temperance/Art/The Fferylltwhite, goldsunstone, mistletoe, juniper

 Warrior, Justicevictory, might for right, competition, confidence, ardent male, high ideals, justice, order, oaths, promises, what must beused in a bindrune for legal matters, vicgtoryAir
 masculineEmperor/Lord, Justice/Lust, Strength/Adjustment, Star, World/Universered, crimsonsage, monkshood, oak, bloodstone, hematite

 birch, fertilityfertility, family, protection, ideas coming to fruition, motherhood, new beginningshealing spells, invoke Gaia energies, protection, fertilityEarth
 feminineMagician/Magus, Empress/Ladygreen, whiteamber, jet, birch

 Momentum, Intuitive Bondsafe travel, abrubt change, partnership, marriage, movement over obstacles, transportation, witchcraft, Sleipnerfeminine magick, Seidr, Merkaba, astral travel, spells invoking swift change, Sleipner for journeying to HelWater
 feminine/masculineLovers, Sun, Chariotorange, red, whitetourquoise, ragwort, alder, oak, ash

 humanityunion of body/mind/spirit, rational mind, humanity, partnership, thought rune increasing intelligence, Rune of Mani, individual’s part in society, social integrationgain assistance from others, psychic harmonyAir
 masculineMagician/Magus, Hanged Manred, white, greenamethyst, elm, holly, ash

 waterintuition, imagination, clairsentience, strong assertive female, rune of the occult, dream realm, step back and wait for clarity before actingintuition, clairsentience, gather energies, drawing down Moon energy, used to cast out for magickal energies, invoke sleep/happy dreams, dreamwork.Water
 feminineJustice/Lust, Moon, Stargreen, pale blue greenmalachite, willow, leek

 Seedpotential, male energy, contemplation, fertility, sexuality, conception, gardening, focus, centering, desire within, male counterpart to Berkano, genetic inheritanceerotic spells, awaken masculine fertility, calm domestic difficulty, use to release energy suddenly, and to prevent energy drain at end of runescript, concentrates inner focus, invokes desire withinEarth, Water
 masculineEmperor/Lord, Judgment/Aeon/Rebirth, World/Universeyellowivory, boggart stone, apple

 Kinship, ancestral landcommunity issues, family, kinship, inheritance, ancestry, Rune of Sacred Space, tradition, balance between order/chaos, Crone health, protecting possessions, spells for balance and protection, prosperity, opening to Akash, sacred spaceEarth
 masculineHigh Priestess, Empress/Lady, Moonyellow, gold, greenpetrified wood, oak, hawthorn

 Dayenlightenment, end of one phase/beginning of new, increase, awakening, all doors openalignment, center of energy, invoke perfection, clarity, witch as balance and resonance, use to begin/end rituals, the inbetween, rune of present momentFire/Air/WaterMagician/Magus, Hierophant/High Priest, Temperance/Art/The Fferylltlight bluefluorite, spruce, clary sage, St. John’s Wort

Must Haves..

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I plan to talk about my experiences with energy healing on this page. I’ll probably nest some posts I’ve already done as well.

Also, on the side panel to the right is a section for Reiki Distance Healing requests. Please feel free to add your name to my offering of daily Reiki. I don’t keep a list of people who submit their names. I just use it as a focus for a general Reiki offering. I’m not going to contact anyone, nor do I keep a copy of the email. I thought it could be a way for others to set an intention to tune in when I invoke Reiki. So please don’t hesitate to add your name. Reiki is such a blessing, and it’s one that I freely extend to all.

Stay tuned and Reiki blessings to all!

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I love herbal oils. They’re simple to make. I use the Simpler’s method, by adding about 2/3 herb to a jar and cover up to the top with my oil of choice. If I’m using fresh herb, then I wilt them a little to get some of the water content out of them before pouring oil over them. Water content of fresh plants can dilute the strength of the infused oil. It can do the same with alcohol tinctures so I use Clear Springs when tincturing fresh herbs to offset any water content they might still have. I can always dilute with water or glycerin later to reduce the alcohol to a more manageable level. If I’m using dried herb, I tincture with 100 proof vodka. I should probably put that on the tincture page when I make one.

Neuralgia Oil

I made this oil by researching neuralgia. I sort of have it in my feet because of constant swelling over the course of thirteen years from RA. St. John’s Wort and Vervain as nervines, act on the nervous system to control pain. Mullein flower deals with pain and inflammation. So, I put equal parts in a jar and covered them with grapeseed oil. Grapeseed is delicate and light and it absorbs into the skin well. I put the jar out in my sand bucket that I use in the summer for my infusions.

Some folks say to put it in a dark cupboard, but I like the solar infusion method instead. I try to remember to shake the jar every day. I typically have several infusions going at once so with them all in the same sand bucket, there’s a better than average chance that I’ll remember to shake them.

Anyway, the oil should sit there for a month or so, then strain it. Now, for the salve:

Neuralgia Oil Salve

Salves are ridiculously simple to make. Heat a cup of herbal oil. Add 1/4 cup beeswax. I use beeswax pearls instead of the slabs. I don’t like grating the slabs or even trying to cut the smaller ones. Eventually, my bees will let me have some of their beeswax, but we’re not there yet. Until then, I buy and use the pearls. They melt easily and it’s simple to measure them out.

When the beeswax is melted, do a spoon test. Dip a spoon into the mixture, taking out a small amount on the spoon. Put it in the refrigerator and if in 1–2 minutes it’s the consistency you like, then you’re good to go. Otherwise, either add a little oil, or add more beeswax. While you’re waiting, add a few drops of essential oil if you like.

When you’re happy with the consistency of the spoon test, then pour your oil mixture into containers. I like small round tins, but small jars work too. I get some of my jars in the canning section of the grocery store, and my tins and amber dropper bottles from Specialty Bottle. They have really cool stuff and it’s reasonably priced. And, where I live, it’s only a day away with ground shipping.

St. John’s Wort/Arnica Oil

Another oil for my RA..it’s great for pain and inflammation. St. John’s Wort and Arnica are wonderful infused into grapeseed oil. Almond oil is another oil that can be used. Apricot is another light feeling oil which absorbs into the skin well. I don’t like greasy oils that don’t absorb in. It’s one reason I don’t care for olive oil as well as grapeseed, although medicinally, it’s probably the best oil to use.

I blended equal amounts of St. John’s Wort and Arnica and filled 2/3 of the jar, covering it with grapeseed oil up to the top. Again, I shook it daily (okay, not daily) and set it out in the sand bucket for a month. It’s lovely, and the oil seems to help the pain I have in my elbow, but I haven’t made any salve yet, which I should definitely do.

General Herbal Oil for Salve

So this is what happens when I walk around my property. I begin gathering herbs. I can’t help myself. And then I bring them back and I infuse or tincture them into something. One afternoon, this is what I gathered:

  • calendula flower — good for rashes, promotes cell repair/growth, and heals wounds
  • comfrey leaf — heals tissue
  • mullein leaf/flower — bruising and pain
  • dandelion leaf/root — joint pain
  • plantain — draws toxicity, sooths inflamed tissue

I used almond oil for the menstruum, again fresh wilting the herbs to reduce their water content, then put them in a jar two-thirds full, and then covered the herbs with almond oil up to the top. I put it in the sand bucket with the other oils so that they can all wait together for me to remember to shake them. A month or so later I strained and bottled it. I haven’t made the salve yet.

So that’s enough for now..I’ll post some more later..

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The thing about teas..

Some herbs are infused, some are decocted. Roots are decocted. There are several ways to do this, but I put them in a quart of cold water and then bring to boil on low heat. Yes, it takes a while, but you should watch it anyway so it doesn’t get carried away on its way to boiling. When it starts to boil, drop the temp down so that it simmers for typically 20 minutes or so, but don’t worry if it goes longer. Longer is stronger, so there’s that.

Infusions are for more fragile herbs and some roots with high volatile oil content such as valerian and goldenseal. I pour boiling water over the herbs in a mason jar and then put the lid on tight, letting it steep for 15 minutes or so. Again, if it’s longer that’s fine.

Now, some of my teas are a combination of herbs as with the first tea listed. I decoct first, then remove the mixture from heat to infuse the remainder.

Teas can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days, but mine never last that long.

~Blessings to all!

Menopause Support Tea

Might as well put this one first..I made it into a tincture as well.

  • 2 T black cohosh root emmenagogue, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, alterative, nervine
  • 2 T licorice root expectorant, demulcent, emollient
  • 2 T dong quai root uterine tonic, antispasmodic, alterative
  • 2 T St. John’s Wort aromatic, nervine, astringent, resolvent, sedative, diuretic, vulnerary

Roots are decocted, not infused (except for valerian and goldenseal). So, add the root herbs to a quart of cold water in a covered pan on low. Bring to a boil slowly, and simmer for 20 minutes.

Remove pan from heat and infuse the St. John’s Wort by adding it to the hot decocted mixture. Re-cover the pan, leaving it off the element, and let infuse for 15 minutes or more. Strain and drink.

This helped my hot flashes somewhat. And it tastes wonderful!

Lemon Balm Tea

  • 2 T lemon balm diaphoretic, calmative, antispasmodic, carminative, emmenaogue, stomachic
  • 1 T chamomile tonic, stomachic. anodyne, antispasmodic, stimulant, bitter, aromatic
  • 1 T spearmint stimulant, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, aromatic, carminative, nervine, anti-emetic
  • stevia sweetener

Infuse into 1 quart of boiling water, steeping for 10 to 20 minutes. Strain and drink

Crone Tonic Tea

  • 1 T oatstraw
  • 1 T horsetail
  • 1 T nettle leaf
  • 1 T red clover
  • 1.5 T motherwort

I made this on my 58th birthday..

Infuse into a quart of boiling water, steeping for 10 to 20 minutes. Strain and drink.

Feminine Divine

  • 1 T spearmint healing
  • 1 T lemon balm healing, Feminine Divine
  • 1 T holy basil Spirit, Fire, purification, Feminine Divine
  • 1 T chamomile purification, healing, Water, Feminine Divine
  • 1/2 T dandelion leaf divination
  • 1/2 T mugwort strength, protection, psychic powers, astral travel, hedgeriding

I love this tea. I make it in bulk, so feel free to adjust the amounts any way you want.

Infuse herbs together into a quart of boiling water, letting steep for 10 to 20 minutes. Strain and drink. If making it ahead, add about a tablespoon of herb to a cup of boiling water. It’s wonderful!

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I wanted to create a page for some herbal teas and salves I’ve created. Then I decided to nest some pages beneath this one. That way, it will be easier to organize everything. I’ll have a pages for teas, oils, salves, tinctures, and some cannabis preparations. I’ll add recipes and formulas from time to time. I tend to free-wheel things a bit when I’m creating a tea or an oil. I keep track of what I use, and then if I like it, I write it down for posterity. I’ll include magickal properties if I know or can find them, as well as medicinal properties of the herbs.

I think the best teas are created by walking around my property, gathering various herbs that I see, and bringing them back to brew a cup to sip and enjoy. I might gather a little spearmint, followed by some chamomile, a little holy basil added in, along with a pinch of lemon balm. I might add a stevia leaf for natural sweetness, gathering everything to take back to my kitchen where my favorite cup awaits. I steep the herbs, and when done, I sit back and enjoy a lovely cup of tea. It’s the interaction with the herbs that brings the magick. It’s gathering with love and respect these wonderful life-affirming herbs and drinking in their essence that heals and nourishes our body and our spirit.

So check back from time to time. I’m going to figure out a way to list the pages on the widget side of the blog. I’ll be adding more recipes and formulas as I create them. If I find something I like from another herbalist, I’ll include that too, with a link back to their blog or website, or wherever I find it.

~Herbal Blessings!

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Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on September 21, 2016.