Influences of Alignment or Derailment — 10 January 2016

Sunday, 10 January 2016

As new intentions were set on the Dark Moon, transcending limitations in a realistic manner comes up today as the Moon transits at Gate 60 limitation, Line 5 — leadership. Any fluctuations in the line numbers don’t cross from intrapersonal to transpersonal influences, but do move from Line 5, heretic to Line 6 role model for both the Sun and Earth Gates.

As restless energy continues with the Channel of Transitoriness, Venus transits bring a loving influence to communication with others. Conversations are filled with clarity and kindness, and spending time at home with family is favored. Mars transiting with Venus may heighten energy to the point of conflict, so staying aligned with Self is important. That way the energy can be used for creative experiences instead of drama. All the more reason for this Generator type to wait to respond.

Transiting Mercury with natal Neptune brings energies of both inspiration and confusion. Again, another reason to wait to respond. Waiting for things to settle a bit brings a clarity that just doesn’t happen when energies are restless or in conflict. I’ll definitely take inspiration over confusion. But emotions may run high today, and avoiding snap decisions is important.

I think the key to managing fluctuating energies is to observe them, but not feel in. It always seems like I’m at the most risk of derailment when I’m feeling in and focusing on something for too long. I’m easily caught up in the drama of the moment, and when that happens, my alignment suffers. That’s where that confounding waiting to respond tactic becomes so important. I’ve noticed that becoming caught up in drama also involves initiating. Otherwise, the drama really isn’t all that interesting. And without drama, my energy flows in aligned nonresistance.

Well, this was cool! Until tomorrow!


This post will be added to the rest of January over on the Human Design/Astrology page.

  • Transiting Mars in semi-sextile (fading, 0.1 degrees) with natal Venus — Ruler of sun sign — sun’s ruler
  • Transiting Venus in strong opposition (fading, 1.9 degrees) with natal Moon — Leading planet of planetary pattern
  • Transiting Venus in strong sextile (fading, 1.9 degrees) with natal Mercury
  • Transiting Mercury in square (fading, 3.6 degrees) with natal Neptune
  • Transiting Moon in inconjunct (exact at 15:16) with natal Pluto

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I love tintures. You throw some herbs in a jar and cover it with whatever menstruum you want, shake it for a month and when it’s done, you have a jar of wonderful medicine that can be added to tea, smoothies, juice, or in a little warm water. Various menstruums include alcohol in varying strengths, glycerine, and vinegar. I typically use grain alcohol when tincturing fresh herb to offset the water content, or I use 100 proof vodka. Brandy can also be used, as can 80 proof vodka, but I don’t use anything lower than 80 proof. I like to have at least 30% alcohol by volume in order that there’s enough alcohol to strip the constituents from the plant matter and to act as a preservative. 80 proof has 40% alcohol by volume, so it’s acceptable. Some people use rum and if it’s Bacardi 151, then you figure 75% alcohol content. Anything over 50% and you can dilute with glycerin or water to reach that level. Glycerin would sweeten it, so that’s always nice.

The Process

I use the same process each time, irrespective of the menstruum I use. I put enough chopped herb in a jar to fill it 2/3 of the way full. Then I pour the menstruum over the herb, covering it by an inch or so. I like it a little swishy when I shake the jar. The herb will soak up some of the menstruum and swell a bit, so check back and add more if necessary. I stir it up a bit before sealing with the lid using a skewer or a chopstick. You really want to make sure the menstruum reaches the herb. Some herbalists accomplish this by blending everything in a blender before returning it back to the jar for soaking. I’ve not done that because I like to see the herb in the jar, but it really makes sense to do it.

After 4 weeks of shaking daily, strain the mixture and bottle. I like to use 4 oz amber dropper bottles, otherwise I’m constantly refilling the bottles. Specialty Bottle has them at a resonable price.

So below I’ll add some tincture recipes, but I’ll leave out the process to save space and eliminate redundancy.

Menopause Tincture

  • 2 pts Black Cohosh root
  • 2 pts Licorice root
  • 2 pts Dong Quai root
  • 2 pts St. John’s Wort

I use 100 proof alcohol for this.

Calcium Tincture

  • 1 pt oatstraw
  • 2 pts fresh comfrey leaf — wilted
  • 1 pt horsetail

100 proof vodka

Other single herb options

I’ve made some single herb tinctures which are great, including Lemon Balm, Mugwort, California Poppy, Horehound, Lobelia, Hawthorn Berry, and Nettle leaf. You can pretty much tincture anything. Motherwort is a favorite of this Crone Witch. White Willow bark is nice as well. Considering I can gather all but the nettle on my property, these tinctures hold a special significance. But I have a patch of nettle started, so in time, I’ll have enough of my own to harvest. So, the next time you want to kill a weed in your yard, ask yourself if it’s something that can heal. Odds are, it is. Dandelion is probably the best herb out there, so don’t kill them. Harvest the leaf during spring and summer and dig the roots during spring and fall.

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The thing about teas..

Some herbs are infused, some are decocted. Roots are decocted. There are several ways to do this, but I put them in a quart of cold water and then bring to boil on low heat. Yes, it takes a while, but you should watch it anyway so it doesn’t get carried away on its way to boiling. When it starts to boil, drop the temp down so that it simmers for typically 20 minutes or so, but don’t worry if it goes longer. Longer is stronger, so there’s that.

Infusions are for more fragile herbs and some roots with high volatile oil content such as valerian and goldenseal. I pour boiling water over the herbs in a mason jar and then put the lid on tight, letting it steep for 15 minutes or so. Again, if it’s longer that’s fine.

Now, some of my teas are a combination of herbs as with the first tea listed. I decoct first, then remove the mixture from heat to infuse the remainder.

Teas can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days, but mine never last that long.

~Blessings to all!

Menopause Support Tea

Might as well put this one first..I made it into a tincture as well.

  • 2 T black cohosh root emmenagogue, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, alterative, nervine
  • 2 T licorice root expectorant, demulcent, emollient
  • 2 T dong quai root uterine tonic, antispasmodic, alterative
  • 2 T St. John’s Wort aromatic, nervine, astringent, resolvent, sedative, diuretic, vulnerary

Roots are decocted, not infused (except for valerian and goldenseal). So, add the root herbs to a quart of cold water in a covered pan on low. Bring to a boil slowly, and simmer for 20 minutes.

Remove pan from heat and infuse the St. John’s Wort by adding it to the hot decocted mixture. Re-cover the pan, leaving it off the element, and let infuse for 15 minutes or more. Strain and drink.

This helped my hot flashes somewhat. And it tastes wonderful!

Lemon Balm Tea

  • 2 T lemon balm diaphoretic, calmative, antispasmodic, carminative, emmenaogue, stomachic
  • 1 T chamomile tonic, stomachic. anodyne, antispasmodic, stimulant, bitter, aromatic
  • 1 T spearmint stimulant, antispasmodic, diaphoretic, aromatic, carminative, nervine, anti-emetic
  • stevia sweetener

Infuse into 1 quart of boiling water, steeping for 10 to 20 minutes. Strain and drink

Crone Tonic Tea

  • 1 T oatstraw
  • 1 T horsetail
  • 1 T nettle leaf
  • 1 T red clover
  • 1.5 T motherwort

I made this on my 58th birthday..

Infuse into a quart of boiling water, steeping for 10 to 20 minutes. Strain and drink.

Feminine Divine

  • 1 T spearmint healing
  • 1 T lemon balm healing, Feminine Divine
  • 1 T holy basil Spirit, Fire, purification, Feminine Divine
  • 1 T chamomile purification, healing, Water, Feminine Divine
  • 1/2 T dandelion leaf divination
  • 1/2 T mugwort strength, protection, psychic powers, astral travel, hedgeriding

I love this tea. I make it in bulk, so feel free to adjust the amounts any way you want.

Infuse herbs together into a quart of boiling water, letting steep for 10 to 20 minutes. Strain and drink. If making it ahead, add about a tablespoon of herb to a cup of boiling water. It’s wonderful!

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I wanted to create a page for some herbal teas and salves I’ve created. Then I decided to nest some pages beneath this one. That way, it will be easier to organize everything. I’ll have a pages for teas, oils, salves, tinctures, and some cannabis preparations. I’ll add recipes and formulas from time to time. I tend to free-wheel things a bit when I’m creating a tea or an oil. I keep track of what I use, and then if I like it, I write it down for posterity. I’ll include magickal properties if I know or can find them, as well as medicinal properties of the herbs.

I think the best teas are created by walking around my property, gathering various herbs that I see, and bringing them back to brew a cup to sip and enjoy. I might gather a little spearmint, followed by some chamomile, a little holy basil added in, along with a pinch of lemon balm. I might add a stevia leaf for natural sweetness, gathering everything to take back to my kitchen where my favorite cup awaits. I steep the herbs, and when done, I sit back and enjoy a lovely cup of tea. It’s the interaction with the herbs that brings the magick. It’s gathering with love and respect these wonderful life-affirming herbs and drinking in their essence that heals and nourishes our body and our spirit.

So check back from time to time. I’m going to figure out a way to list the pages on the widget side of the blog. I’ll be adding more recipes and formulas as I create them. If I find something I like from another herbalist, I’ll include that too, with a link back to their blog or website, or wherever I find it.

~Herbal Blessings!

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