Influences of Alignment or Derailment — 14 January 2016

Thursday, 14, January 2016

Both the Channel of Transitoriness (35/36) and Surrender (26/44) continue to influence the day. There was a movement from intrapersonal influences of the martyr to the transpersonal influence of the opportunist activated by both the transiting Sun and Earth. This particular movement illustrates how experience gained can be used to create new opportunities.

The only Gate change in Thursday’s bodygram happens as the Moon transits at Gate 22 — openness, Line 5 — directness, giving me the ability to deal directly with a situation irrespective of the emotion involved. It’s the energy of standing in my own power.

The energies are really in alignment here for sharing new ideas resulting a positive outcome.

As promised, I want to continue looking at the Centers contained within the bodygram. The first time I saw a bodygram it reminded me so much of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. I had been studying the late Donald Kraig’s book, Modern Magick, and the graphic resonated with what I had been learning. The Tree of Life depicts in my view the energy of creation into form, a sort of how we get here chart. Of course I believe that the energy flow is constant throughout our focus into form, otherwise we’d cease to exist. So, it’s our constant flow of energy that we experience as thought, behavior, choice..everything that is us is about that flow in either resistance or nonresistance. In nonresistance, we move through life easily. And we all know what happens when we choose the opposite.

Yesterday, I moved ahead to the Solar Plexus Center because that’s where I derive my Inner Emotional Authority. I wonder how many other empaths have the same, because it really does describe how typical empaths experience energy.

Defined or Open

But before I talk about the Head Center, I wanted to talk a little about the Defined and Open nature of Centers. Each Center can be either defined (filled with color) or open (white). Defined centers have more stable aspects about them, less likely to be influenced by surrounding energies. When the Center is open, the individual is more likely to be influenced by surrounding energies. Either can be advantageous or not depending upon whether I live within my Inner Authority. In my case, my Head Center is Defined.

From Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be by Chetan Parkyn we learn:

A center defined with color indicates a function or tendency that is fixed and consistent. These aspects are set in stone, a constant part of you. They are the part of your being that you can always count on — energy that’s available to be harnessed 24/7.
If a center is undefined and white, its specific energy is not consistent, making this part of you malleable and flexible. This means you’re open to the influence of those who do have this center defined. When in their company, you effectively adopt their energy and may be swayed or conditioned by it. This is what we call a conditioning influence.
But this doesn’t mean you’re a helpless puppet. Instead of absorbing that energy, you can learn to recognize what’s happening, how your undefined center is being engaged, and say to yourself: “This influence is not me; it’s them.” This will allow you to stand back and adopt a detached objectivity, transforming such an influence into what we call impassive wisdom.¹

The Head Center

Regarding the Head Center (or Crown Center), Karen Curry writes:

The Head Center is associated with the pineal gland in the brain. It is the center for inspiration, and it is always under pressure to answer questions. Depending on the gates that define the center, the questions the head center answers can be abstract, logical, or individual in nature. It is not motorized, but it is a pressure center.²

Peter Schoeber elaborates further:

The biological equivalent of this centre is the pineal gland. It controls the flow of information between the neocortex and the deeper layers of the brain; i.e. it allows information from the deep grey areas of the brain to arrive at the neocortex and vice versa.³

It’s unsurprising given that I’m an Air sign that I’d live in my head..

When the Crown is defined, it follows that the Mind will be also. The Crown can only be defined through its link to the Mind, meaning you’re someone who is always thinking, reviewing, and searching for exciting insights and fresh realizations. You can be of high intellect but need to understand that intellect and intelligence are not one and the same, because you must learn how to use that intellect.(4)
The Crown is one place where the sense of spirit can be found within you, whispering, wanting to be heard. It is the nature of the Crown to handle lofty concepts and this can, sometimes, lead to great stress about how to make these concepts practical or communicate them to others in a coherent manner. There is a deep-seated need to understand and explain everything, which, if unchecked, has the potential to send even you around the bend. (5)

The Head Center contains Gates 61 — inner truth, 63 — doubt, and 64 — diverse possibilities. My Design Earth is active at Gate 61, Line 2 — natural brilliance, exalted by the Moon creating a gift for inspiration (6). The pressure to create is in this Center, with a focus at least initially in the Design aspect of the bodygram on expressing my inner truth.

But just by looking at the energies of each Gate, it’s easy to see how the three interact to then pressure the Anja or Mind Center to think about the inspiration thoughts it sends its way. Which is what I’ll talk about tomorrow. Until then..



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