Manifesting Higher Self ~ A Bindrune for 15 Dec 2016

If the election stands as it is, then we’ll all need to be fully present in Higher Self in order that we get through all of it. Some runecasters choose the runes they use for a bindrune. I prefer to pose the question and then cast the runes to create the bindrune. The runes never fail me and I trust their message.

Algiz, Sowilo,and Inguz comprise today’s bindrune. The numerology is 15, 16, and 22 respectfully. We can reduce the all of it to 8, but with 22 as the Master Builder number, I’ll only reduce the first two to 4 and leave Uruz on its own as the Master Builder energy.

Algiz has always resonated as the connection between physical and nonphysical aspects of Self, representing our higher consciousness. Algiz represents the elk and protection from harmful forces.

Sowilo expresses our will and Higher Self energies. It brings illumination and guidance and strengthens the bindrune. It brings loving, healing energy to bear and guides us to the light.

Lastly, Inguz brings sudden release to the bindrune, casting its intention to the universe. It both calms and awakens, brings fertility and invokes expansive inner desire. Inguz represents not only our genetic inheritance but our manifesting intention as Source Energy. And it draws all runic influences together into a cohesive expression of Higher Self.

We are all Source Energy. I realize it maybe challenging at times to remember that when so much conflict and hate are present. But if we’re all to survive the dark forces that surround us, we need to remember at all times who we are. We need to stay away from judgment and away from rage and see all of this through Source Vision. That loving resonance will have more effect than anything the dark forces can accomplish.

We can hold fast to the bindrune, using its strength to align us in Source Presence. The runes within coalesce into an influence that overshadows all that the dark forces wish to achieve. We can use that bindrune as a focus during meditation, or to carry as a talisman throughout our day as a reminder to stay present in Higher Self awareness.

With any luck, our electoral college members will find their humanity and do what’s best for our country. Otherwise, I’ll be using the bindrune continually for the foreseeable future.

Blessings to all.

Originally published at on December 15, 2016.