Our Intuition Is Worth The Risk ~ Tarot for 12 Mar 2017

New approaches can often involve risk. Listening to our inner voice or intuition over information that is more tangible can feel uncomfortable for some. However, our intuition is just as valid as anything else and today’s reading suggests that we might want to listen to that inner voice more often.

Cups, Wands, and Swords comprise today’s tarot reading suggesting our emotions, creativity, and intellect are influencing today. Nine is the overall numerology of the reading signifying completion. No cards are present from the Major Arcana, however, the Queen of Swords adds a Court card to the reading. Court cards can represent the individual depicted or the qualities therein.

Two Aces from both Cups and Wands surround the 7 of Swords. A silver and gold chalice emblazoned by a red heart begins the spread. The waters of our emotional presence cascade over the sides of the Ace of Cups into the water below. Pink lotus blossoms signifying love and beauty float peacefully below. Rays of light extend from the cup emanating loving blessings. Cups signifies our emotions and our subconscious. And the Ace indicates emotional beginnings or the genesis of our intuition.

Next, a cloaked man from the 7 of Swords looks furtively about as he escapes over a rock wall as he attempts to hide five swords. Two remain behind, all from the battlefield. A thief for certain, but it seems as if he’s from the opposing side, a spy perhaps, stealing armaments in an effort to gain the advantage.

From there, the Ace of Wands, one of the most phallic cards in any deck I’ve used, signifies new creation. A quartz point adorns the top of the brilliant wand while a piece of amethyst or lapis lazuli is fixed below. Two large sunflowers appear on either side suggesting testes while a depiction of DNA winds up and down the wand. Yellow and white rays of light emit from the wand in all directions. This is the creative principle at its genesis and suggests sudden action. Its yellow colors indicate energy bursting in all directions.

Something is clearly changing with these three cards. Together they result in an initial numerology of 9, reflecting and reinforcing the overall numerology. A decision has been made to change the dynamic and the man is changing the balance of power. In doing so, he brings a new creative influence to the situation.

The Queen of Swords looks out in the distance, her robes suggesting wealth and royalty. Roses grow to her left as she extends her hand in greeting, a sword raised in the other. Rays of light emerge from the dissipating clouds while two birds fly in the distance. Clouds appear as well on the Queen’s blue robe as butterflies adorn the lining. Although sometimes indicating confusion, clouds, in this case, indicate new thought emerging from darkness. The hidden card of the reading, the Queen reminds us that we have complete awareness at our disposal when we align with our Higher Self. Trusting our inner divine voice is her wise counsel.

Finally, we come to the 9 of Cups. A royal given his purple attire, the man sits smiling and happy in front of nine golden cups, his happiness evident. The outcome of the reading, it appears that the intuition suggested by the Queen of Swords as well as the risk taken by the man from the 7 of Swords has paid off in contentment and joy.

There’s that odd saying which I will completely butcher that defines insanity as doing the same thing again and again, each time expecting different results. If we keep the same playbook, we’ll end up in the same place. In this reading, we see the advantage gained by doing something unexpected or out of character. In this case, the risk taken to listen to one’s intuition has paid off handsomely.

Whether it’s our physical or emotional security that’s threatened, trying a new approach, taking that risk, can make all the difference. Going within we find the awareness we need for success.

Blessed Be

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on March 12, 2017.