Regaining Inner Balance ~ Tarot for 5 Nov 2016

I’d like to believe that we’ll all regain our inner balance after Tuesday, that we’d put country and family over politics, but I just don’t know. The vitriol will no doubt continue because of momentum it’s gained brought on by the biggest case of diarrhea of the mouth ever to run for President. A line has been crossed and it may be difficult for some to regain a more balanced focus. I tried to do this reading with my Morgan Greer deck, but I just couldn’t get into the flow of it all. One time I drew male Court cards which gave the impression of more nastiness with the outside cards, a Knight and a King, facing each other. Maybe the conversation was friendly. Maybe.

So I gave up on that deck, having had enough of male testosterone for a while, and took out my Thoth deck. It’s my favorite but it’s different from most decks, although some of them are so individual and interesting, the non-traditional decks have almost become the norm. Everyone sees tarot from their own unique perspective, so it’s no wonder there are so many decks to choose from. I have a bunch, and most speak to me, but a few don’t and they sit in my tarot drawer, waiting to connect at some point in the future.

Two cards from the Major Arcana (still not using the T word), The Hierophant and The Priestess, along with the 5 of Wands comprise today’s tarot spread. Finding inner balance amid the strife we feel appears to be the theme of the reading. The numerology consists of two 5’s and a 2 combining to 12 and reducing to 3. Three is interesting in that it is the result of 1 plus 2, and in tarot, that represents combined energies of the Magus and the Priestess. From there, the Empress emerges from their union as card 3 of the Major Arcana. And it’s she who creates the Emperor. The presence of the Priestess in this reading reinforces its inner aspect. Three is catalytic, the alchemy of creation in play, the Empress as the creative presence giving birth to her experiences.

Beginning with the 5 of Wands, Crowley considers this card to be filled with strife, competition, and cruelty. I prefer a less gloomy interpretation and see it as balance that’s off. Five can indicate change and we’re all feeling that these days. A single wand stands before four others in a fiery balance, as if waiting for something to happen. Change is afoot and although we’re ready, we haven’t yet come to grips with it. The five also indicates the pentagram, or Spirit controlling matter, so the five tells us that our focus should be on our alignment with Source Presence.

~Thank you so much for reading the rest at Stepping Aside. Blessings!