Soul Journey ~ Runecasting and Bindrune

Esoteric astrology tells us that we’re in a time where humanity is shifting its focus from personality-based awareness to one that is focused on soul awareness. We are ascending in consciousness emerging into a service-to-others belief structure over a focus on service-to-self. In keeping with the running theme so far of a soul journey, I drew some runes for use in a bindrune, a form of rune magick. Some rune practitioners purposefully select the runes they want for the bindrune but I prefer to let the runes decide. I draw them until I feel like I should stop and today I drew four runes: Isa, Raidho, Uruz, and Algiz.

These four runes will comprise the energies that support a more soul-centered focus and it’s apropos that we begin casting that intention with Isa, a Norn rune representing alignment and the static realm. Isa allows us to go within, to find that still point where we bring focus to our will accessing the higher realms of our consciousness. Our balance is maintained with Isa as well as our alignment.

Raidho begins the soul journey itself emphasizing the process over the goal. Rhythmic movement is felt with this rune as it creates harmony and progress along our soul’s path. Additionally, Raidho helps us to find our soul’s true purpose and will help sustain our awakening.

We manifest with Uruz as its forming force imbues the personality with new soul-centered awareness. Its energy shapes creation initiating by the strength of will. As the rune of changes, Uruz allows us to let go of outmoded ideas and beliefs, replacing them with a greater awareness of our unified presence with others.

Finally, Algiz binds together all energies via the Rainbow Bridge connecting our physical presence with our nonphysical aspect of Self. As a guardian rune, we align in Source Presence with Algiz as it activates our higher consciousness and our implicit and eternal connection with the Divine.

Essentially, the bindrune will help us to align in our own Higher Self as we continue down the path of soul-awareness, manifesting that awareness as the truth of who we are. I arranged the four runes in a manner that connects their energies together. I began with Isa in the center for alignment. From there, I drew Uruz to manifest awareness, adding Raidho within its structure for progress along the path. I extended one section of Raidho to create Algiz as the final connection with our Divine presence.

After blessing and consecrating the bindrune, I’ll use it on the altar during ritual as well as carry it with me when I’m out and about. I use bindrunes for all sorts of purposes, as a protection sigil or to use as a focus for whatever the intention. Individual runes are powerful magick on their own and can be chanted during magickal workings. Laguz, for example, can be chanted during meditation while dissolving energetic cords as it can be used as a tool to pull back your own energy after dissolving unwanted energetic connections.

The bindrune is below:


Originally published at on January 1, 2018.