Strong In Spirit, Dark Forces Never See Us Coming ~ Rune and Tarot for 21 Nov 2016

Five cups adorn the tips of the downward pointing pentagram. Instead of cups running over the two remaining lilies have nothing left. Crowley calls this card, Disappointment. The 5 of Cups reflects Mars in Scorpio suggesting our disappointment is significant. We feel empty inside, our emotions intense.

Whenever we see a pentagram that points downward, it indicates that we’re focusing on the issues related to form, with Spirit a distant memory if that. Cups is a suit of Elemental Water, reflecting our emotional presence. The empty cups show that we’ve lost our balance, our flow, and we remain focused on our loss. Our lives have turned upside down and we see no way forward.

The rune for today is Gebo, also of Elemental Water, suggesting a return to emotional balance is in order. Perhaps we’ve judged the situation that’s upsetting us, letting our perception cloud truth. Gebo brings energies into balance, creating both mental and physical equilibrium. Our relationships with others are more harmonious when we allow the influence of Gebo as it fosters generosity and partnership.

The numerology of the reading is 5 and 7, reducing to 12 and then 3. A catalytic number, three denotes health, creativity, and joy as well as Spirit and mastery. This suggests that a change in focus could be the impetus we need to move in a more positive direction.

We can’t become so focused on upsetting issues that we end up stuck there. The 5 of Cups along with Gebo suggests that a more balanced viewpoint is needed. Allow our Source Presence to keep us from judgment. Let the situation unfold as it will, observing instead of reacting. Disappointment is a reaction. We can always choose another. Gebo suggests that we have ultimate power in balanced energy exchange. When we focus in an upsetting or negative direction, that power goes nowhere productive.

Disappointment can be a gift. It can tell us that it’s time to move on to new experiences. Or it can tell us that we’ve misjudged or expected too much. Either way, it prevents us from seeing all that we truly have, giving us a more realistic perspective, our focus more on ego and illusion than what’s real.

It’s easy to succumb to the world of form. It’s an upsetting place to be sure, particularly now. But to lose hope when we have so much in our favor seems short-sighted. We must remain in balance, aware of our power, and intent on living in truth. The dark forces that have moved in will not be successful, not in the long run. They will try to distract us from our greater purpose, but they will fail, our unity of purpose sustaining us.

Because when we are strong in Spirit, dark forces never see us coming.

Blessings to all!

Originally published at on November 21, 2016.