Tempering Our Priorities

Temperance, the Son of Wands, 5 of Cups, Daughter of Wands, and the Mother of Pentacles comprise today’s tarot reading from the Wild Unknown Tarot. There is one card from the Major Arcana, one from the suit of Cups, and three Court cards, two from Wands and one from Pentacles. Missing from the spread is Elemental Air.

A heron mixes Elemental Fire with Water, blending will with emotion. Moderation, cooperation, and self-control are among the interpretations given Temperance, the fourteenth card of the Major Arcana. The diagonal lines in the background denote symmetry and balance along with healing and purification.

The first of three Court Cards, the Son of Wands coils around a tall wand radiating energy from its tip. The serpent stands resolute looking toward the future. He is adventurous and embraces change with eagerness and enthusiasm. Somewhat rebellious, his charm may create illusion known only to him. The Son represents change that’s both expansive and progressive.

The 5 of Cups depicts a cgrayish horse with its head bowed, the lighter background above giving way to the greater darkness below. Disappointment, grief, and the ego’s triumph are among traditional interpretations of this card. Our focus in on illusion and we’re unable to let go of expectations which no longer serve. Matter is dominating over Spirit and we’ve lost our focus or alignment with Self.

In the position of unknown influence, the Daughter of Wands appears as a snake coiled in a lemniscate. Flowers grow from the wand in balance, three above and three below. As above, so below. She is the seeker, the student, the bearer of news. The Daughter of Wands is a free spirit on the brink of spiritual transformation. She lives in the present moment experiencing life as a series of opportunities to be joyfully explored.

The deer sits quietly with her fawn curled up by her side, calm yet alert. In the outcome position, the Mother of Pentacles represents Mother Earth or Gaia and is practical, intelligent, trustworthy, and wise. Her priorities reflect a focus on her family, their protection, and financial security, finding her grounding in nature. Her ambition is tempered by a reflective nature as she embraces the future with wisdom and grace.

It’s easy to become off track with our priorities. We typically strike a balance but sometimes we forego moderation for a more intense focus. That’s fine when it’s in service to something greater but at some point, we have to find that balance again lest our concerns be only with the self. Because it’s that ability to consider the needs of others that gives us the outcome depicted by the Mother of Pentacles. We embrace new experiences with the eagerness and enthusiasm of both the Son and Daughter of Wands as we let go of self-created illusion. The Daughter of Wands counsels us to seek present moment awareness, neither constrained by the past or intimidated by the future.

When an element is missing in a reading it can indicate that it’s not a factor or that the other cards are influencing or interfering with whatever the missing element represents. In the case of our missing Elemental Air, it’s clear intellect is out of balance with emotions and will and is affecting how that manifests into physical reality. We’re experiencing an imbalance in our country brought on by a belief system that is oppressive and self-oriented and if it’s not brought back into balance, the devastation experienced by the American people will be great. We cannot exist in this level of disharmony. But it’s a window into the choice between living in service to the self or in the greater awareness of others. Right now, we’re witnessing a belief system unfold that values contempt over compassion, and thuggery over respect. Reason has run amok. No one is safe in an environment where the president encourages police brutality of Americans and tweets disrespectful and abusive comments regarding not just his immediate staff but cabinet members as well.

I’m not sure why we need to see this played out like this, but maybe it’s happening to illustrate the damage a belief system like this can cause. Because what’s going on is more than unintended consequences. It’s a threat to our established way of life. The worth of the average American is been deemed to be nothing by this regime as it tries again and again to strip people of life saving health care. The boys club is in full swing and Russia seems to own the keys.

The so-called president thought that the speech he gave to the Boy Scouts was appropriate. He should have been hauled off the stage for what he did. Those boys are boys and not part of his rich guy’s boy’s club in which Donald participates. They didn’t need to hear any of the crap that spewed from his mouth. And I don’t blame parents for pulling their sons out of this organization. But it does illustrate the lack of Temperance in Donald’s life when he can’t control himself to save his soul let alone the souls of innocent Boy Scouts. Instead of making the security of the family uppermost on his agenda, it doesn’t even get on the board so living in service to a greater purpose such as compassion for others is never going to happen with this man. Instead, he hires a foul-mouth stereotype to be the face of his administration.

Without priorities based on compassion, his regime will destroy more than it will ever fix, unless it’s putting more money in the pockets of billionaires who least need it, the bulk of the American people be damned. The overall numerology of today’s reading is 1 or new beginnings and unity reminding us that our reality is one of unified presence, irrespective of the beliefs of the current occupant of the White House. We can accomplish so much when our priorities are focused on the collective good of all. It’s time we kicked this guy and his regime to the curb and got back to the task of being the United States of America living in harmony and temperance with all.

Blessed Be

Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on July 29, 2017.