The Illusion of Separation ~ Demographics Be Damned

Any separation between us is such an illusion. I remember as a child becoming terrified when racist comments were made. I couldn’t handle it. It felt as if the ground was shifting under my feet and something terrible was about to happen. So when I read several articles about Rep. Steve King spouting off about controlling the demographics in our country, I felt that same shifting, only this time it was my stomach.

Hate is an interesting thing. It’s the basis for viewing certain people as the other. Entitlement factors in resulting in the sort of regime in place in our country that we’re now experiencing. No one knows what the final outcome will be but with hate at its core we’re all certain that the casualties will be many.

Investigations into how Russian operatives may have altered the presidential election results are continuing all while the US Attorneys have been fired. It’s not that it’s an uncommon happening for the so-called new guy to want his own people in those positions, but given their stature and experience as attorneys and the investigations under way, the timing seems craven at best. They evidently know more than the so-called new guy is comfortable with so they have to go.

The so-called new guy knew just what to say and how to deliver that message while on the campaign trail. I couldn’t listen to him, his vitriolic and dishonest message simply too much for me. I remember hearing the constant crooked Hillary Clinton meme, almost in a sing-song fashion. His voice was hypnotic, the cadence manipulative, and his supporters responded exactly the way he intended, the brainwashing complete.

It was sickening to hear and watch. I had to mute any news programs that featured him because I couldn’t hear that voice without knowing the truth behind it, and I wasn’t the only empath who experienced this. I wonder what it was in the heart of his supporters that responded so willingly to his racist and sexist mantra. How could any of them vote for a man who views women in such a degrading manner? How could they vote for someone who clearly had ties to Russia? Are they fine with all of the taxpayer dollars this grifter is fleecing all of us out of? Are they fine with a two-faced dictatorial asshole who will renege on all of his magical promises? Are they fine with losing their health insurance? Should we be calling all of them Comrade by now? Or were they simply duped?

The individual nature of our lives is the only way we can experience all of this. But in spite of our differences, we’re all the same Creator personified into individuated form. Any difference should be embraced and cherished, not feared. Because when we see everyone as the other we find every reason in the world to keep them at a safe distance instead of coming together in unified purpose.

The picture at the top of the post shows a geese pair who return each year to nest on my dock. They returned not long ago and have settled in to rebuild the nest and graze in yard and field. I chose it because of the as above, so below witchy tree in the pond illustrating the continuity of family. The geese could go anywhere to create life but they choose to come here. They’re unafraid of us and allow us the blessing of knowing their young. Separation, my dear friends, is an illusion. We are now and forever will be one family. All are simply reflections of our own Self.

May Rep. Cantaloupe Calves King’s demographics be damned…forever.


Originally published at on March 12, 2017.