The Power to Manifest ~ Full Cold Moon Runecasting for 3 November 2017

Our power to manifest is felt on this Full Cold Moon. Berkano, Uruz, Inguz, and Thurisaz comprise the runes bringing influences from Elemental Earth, Water, and Fire and an overall numerology of nine or completion to the runecasting. Tonight’s Full Cold Moon is special in that it’s the first of three consecutive supermoons that occur today and again on January 1 and 31. The supermoon on the 31st is the second in January so it’s also considered a blue moon and apparently also offers us a total lunar eclipse as well. So we’re in for some exciting energy all while Mercury goes retrograde today until December 22. In other words, we may want to let our manifestations gestate a bit until after Mercury is done with us.

Fertility, healing, and new beginnings are among Berkano’s traditional meanings. We chant its name to feel calm and secure. Berkano represents the energy of Gaia, the Mother aspect of the Goddess, and the Divine Feminine. It brings new ideas into being and provides protection to family.

Uruz is the forming force of creation. It’s the cosmic seed and represents the energy that shapes matter. As an archetypal pattern of form, Uruz brings sudden change, moving past that which challenges us. A rune of will, Uruz both heals and sustains our healing.

Inguz (aka Ingwaz) supports the fertility of Berkano as our genetic inheritance along with expressing the desire within. It releases energy suddenly and when Inguz appears with Berkano in a runecasting it may indicate the upcoming birth of a child. Inguz can be drawn as two vertical X’s or it can be drawn as a diamond. Either awakens masculine energy and the desire for expansion.

Thor’s Hammer finishes out the runecasting with dynamic and catalytic Thurisaz. Resembling a thorn, Thurisaz protects, defends and neutralizes challenges and opposition. And in keeping with the three other runes in the runecasting, it can also stimulate fertility so I have to wonder if the true picture here is the birth of a child. Or it could reference something else such as a new job or home. In any event, something new is on the horizon and with the first of three supermoons to usher in the energy, even with Mercury’s retrograde influence, happy news or a happy outcome may be in store.

The Winter Solstice will be observed on December 21st in the Northern Hemisphere and I view the Full Cold Moon as the beginning of this time of holiday and celebration. It looks like there will be some cloud cover, but I hope to see her in all her power and glory. And as witches do, I’ll draw down her blessed energy and prepare for things to come.

Full Cold Moon Blessings to all!

Originally published at on December 3, 2017.