The Suffering of Fools ~ Tarot for 11 Jan 2017

Fools abound these days, do they not? I love how Lady Freida Harris draws the Queen of Swords in the Thoth deck. The Queen sits on a throne of clouds, her sword in one hand, a severed head in the other. She’s grown tired of the fools around her, never suffering them gladly as the phrase suggests. She is the witch, the Goddess, perceptive and intuitive. The Queen has a powerful intellect but prefers solitude in lieu of the endless chatter of fools.

Graceful and elegant, the Queen of Swords walks her talk, with the expectation that others do the same. Her disappointment is felt with the 5 of Cups, the pentagram pointing downward into matter signifying too much focus has been placed on self-oriented concerns. Spiritual focus has been lost, the cups empty of its wisdom and guidance.

We’ve been given to excess, represented by the 7 of Cups. Crowley calls this card debauch illustrated by the nasty looking yellow water dripping from the lotus flowers, the cups themselves empty of any sustenance. The card reminds me of what happens when a person drinks too much. As with the 5 of Cups, the pentagram on this card points downward into self-delusion, with outer extravagance reflecting inner debauchery.

The numerology is 5 and 7, adding to 12 and from there reducing to 3. A catalytic number, three suggests triple aspects, creativity, and inner child influences which no doubt accounts for the feeling of debauchery in the reading. Focus on service to self is felt instead of a more spiritually balanced perspective resulting in a focus on entitlement.

Between all of the snow and the upcoming change in power, like the Queen of Swords, this Crone witch has had about enough of all this nonsense. It’s difficult to watch the golden boy take power, preferring his golden tower to the elegance of the people’s house. Grace and dignity will give way to debauchery and tackiness and it appears that all we can do is watch the spectacle in horror.

The Queen realizes that sometimes situations need to run their course with truth the inevitable result. She may take a few heads in the process but sometimes stepping aside from the drama is the best course of action. Like her, we rise above the drama, knowing that the games will end and peace will return to our world.

Minus a few heads of course.

Blessed Be

Originally published at on January 11, 2017.