Waiting in Enlightenment

Looking at my Human Design bodygram today, I noticed that Saturn had changed its line number from 3 to 5, bringing its influence from helplessness born of compulsion to the joy found in waiting as an aspect of enlightenment. I had to stop and think about that one because I think it speaks to who we are.

Gate 5 makes a connection with Gate 15 creating the Channel of Rhythm. This channel is about being in the flow and one as a Generator type I appreciate. I like a certain rhythmic pattern to things. The Channel of Recognition (30–41) is also active blending fantasy and desire into the creation of something new.

So it looks like energies are flowing into new creative expression. How nice! But back to the idea of waiting as an expression of enlightenment. Here’s the thing about enlightenment. It’s not something we attain, but something we remember. We become so caught up in physical form that we forget who we are as extensions of Source, in fact that we are Source. Instead of moving throughout our lives with Source Vision, we use human vision and when we do we lose our alignment with Self.

Waiting is about observing or experiencing in a nonresistant way. We’re not waiting for something to happen, we’re observing it as it does. In that space, we learn and appreciate life as it unfolds in perfect love and perfect trust, knowing we’re here to live in joy.

We feel no need to influence or judge when in perfect alignment with Self. We exist in collective, loving resonance with all in our aligned state. When we’re not aligned we become focused on all sorts of experiences that have nothing to do with our own creative expression. All of that only reinforces our lack of alignment. Joy turns into stress, anger, competition — any number of negative emotions, and eventually we don’t even remember how we got there. Had we stayed aligned in Self, in Source Energy, we would have remained in Joy.

When we’re aligned, we’re in the divine flow of Self, of Source Energy. It’s there we remember our natural state. Staying in our divine flow, we experience the joy of who we are. And that’s such a blessing.

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Originally published at www.imsteppingaside.com on February 17, 2016.