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The majority of today’s students can’t help using online platforms that offer homework help. Which is understandable considering the loads of assignments they are given on a regular basis. With this idea in mind, I figured it’s important for you to know which essay writing service will most likely deceive you and which will never disappoint. Therefore, I gathered and analyzed basic information about a variety of subreddits from Reddit to make sure you know which providers are worth signing up to. Follow my review for more details.


If you ever asked: “what is the best paper writing service reddit?”, I bet the answer was HandMadeWriting. There’s a bunch of benefits this provider has to offer, including supreme quality of academic papers, professional writers who do their job brilliantly, reasonable pricing, adapted style of writing, customized approach to every customer, and great selection of disciplines. These guys cross the limits of speed to deliver papers on time, and thus earn a top place in my review list. Most important though is the fact that HandMadeWriting is a real company based in America. This means you’ll never be tricked on money by using their services.


The most noticeable fact which makes this paper writing service on reddit trustful is the absence of annoying ads from other services. What it primarily does is offers to pay for essay on reddit and get quality paper on time. But what PaperMarket really lacks is the allowance of all comments for posting. In fact, their policy states that negative feedback will be removed immediately, but how will people know if it’s a mere fraud or a legit essay writing service on reddit then?


Chances are all of your “write essays for money reddit” requests will lead you exactly to this subreddit upon superficial Google search. The Paper Bay honestly rejects false advertising and bans scammers from entering their subreddit, and this fact is definitely praiseworthy. But on the flip side, it loses points in terms of trust. That’s because they hire freelance academic service providers to write papers for students. Such fact might be a disappointment for those who seek reliable staff with solid guarantees.


This “reddit write my essay” provider stands in the first search positions for a reason. Unlike any other providers, OnlineCourseHelp distinguishes itself by an impressive range of services. For example, they can not only do your homework but also help with online courses and preparation for exams and tests. However, the subreddit has forgot about offering help on all disciplines, including anthropology, urban studies, and psychology. In view of this, I can’t call OnlineCourseHelp the best essay writing service on reddit.


Known for its ability to deliver quality academic papers, this essay writing service on reddit has won the hearts of many users. But still, this online provider fails when it comes to right timing. When potential customers contact HomeworkHelp, it usually takes time for writers to answer them, which might be an issue for those who wait for immediate response and expect urgent reaction to their requests. Therefore, pay close attention to “write my essay reddit” services like these.


A seemingly powerful essay generator on reddit, this provider strives for excellence in relation to paper quality and communication with clients. But what was more interesting to me is the fact that this provider’s moderator is EssayCrate.

It means that reddit essay writing service does its best to advertise and promote its offers under a different name, while also banning users who intentionally spread spam and put their services wherever possible.

Factors to note down before settling on essay writing company:

In the event that you need to use a fair organization but have fears that some subreddits just mess up with you, this is what you should consider to detect an essay writing service that’ll really meet your requirements and wishes:

Check companies on mendacity

It’s a pity, but today’s market situation suggests that there are bunches of essay writing services that are just keen on getting more cash from clients. They put enormous efforts and money on overstated publicizing or post false data about their best qualities and intentions just to generate imaginary respect. Obviously, it’s genuinely hard to identify misrepresentation with a naked eye, but there are basic principles each beginner can pursue to avoid faulty services and use just the most reliable ones. In order to avoid scams, evaluate agencies based on such criteria:

  • Costs

Always exclude essay writing service with impressively decreased costs for all types of papers. Decent job positions require decent payment. So if the company of your interest employs proficient paper writers with extraordinary competence, they should not work without financial motivation. Hence, genuine organizations set a reasonable value net that is neither overstated nor excessively low.

  • Site content

The best essay writing service goes the extra mile to refine their content with the power of writing. They spend as much time as required to fill the content with understandable and error-free content. So in the event that you see poor sentence structure, spelling blunders or other confusing mix-ups, go search for another provider right away.

  • “About us” section

In view of the booming industry that keeps thriving today, there is no essay writing service that doesn’t incorporate the “about us” page on its site. Why? For all visitors to discover significant data about their experiences, practices, policies, administration, and so on. In fact, you’ll find more information than expected, so always look for it, or else this agency shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  • Security assurance

Search for agencies that have a site which has an https attribute. Its role is pivotal with regards to uprightness, security level and insurance of correspondence amongst a server and a customer. It is also a pointer that channels the right way and proves that the site you’re attempting to access is approved and reliable.

  • Social Media Buzz

The web net is now more powerful than ever, and most people rely on it to check the degree of trust from remote essay writing companies. In case the main website of a service doesn’t display reviews from previous customers, consider TrustPilot. This platform is the largest discussion pool which allows people to share their experiences and emotions about various companies and their services. This is an invisible knot that links potential clients with repeat ones, therefore helping newbies find a reliable source of academic help.

Speak to Support Department

Any essay writing service which is primal in quality and timely execution gives credits to customer support for its achievements. This department is in charge of viable correspondence with clients, as well as of providing order assistance and responding to urgent customers’ inquiries. Another peculiarity of client support is the fact that they work round the clock, staying in tune and offering customers help.

The accessibility of help in the organization of an essay or project is a decisive point you have to consider. On the off chance they don’t have a nonstop help, such an agency won’t give timely assistance and you’ll be left without long-awaited clarifications. Consequently, you should ensure that you can order an article anytime you want and get it done a couple of hours.

See if they resort to copyright infringement

With regard to essay writing, plagiarism is equivalent to a scholarly wrongdoing which is inflicted harshly. It’s worth remembering that in case you used the company’s services and got a poorly written article with low originality, issue a full refund right away and flee from this company instantly.

What dependable suppliers ought to do is offer you the best custom work and unique assignment regardless of its intricacy level. The uniqueness of an order is an assurance that writers completed their work correctly and did whatever it takes not to spoil the quality of an essay.

Inspect authors’ capacities

The staff of a reliable essay writing company must comprise of authorized and profoundly qualified specialists who have understanding and capability to compose articles, projects, and essays of any kind. In a perfect scenario, every writer should have relevant educational degrees on any discipline to create incredible papers of multifaceted nature.

The writers additionally should be adaptable and mindful — they need to check and process allpapers twice or three times if needed to ensure they’re don’t contain any linguistic and accentuation mistakes. Finally, they ought to have perfect time management to answer your messages, affirm request demands speedily, and compose papers carefully as indicated in due dates.

Ask for free revisions

When working with such sensitive task as order adjustments, each essay writing service invents special rules of their execution. The most dedicated and fair ones will make changes completely for nothing even a week or more after the paper was sent and received by the client. In situations when significant corrections are necessary, the client will at that point need to continue with extra payment, the sum of which will be calculated independently by the organization. In cases little fixes are insignificant, writers should do them at no cost.

Make sure your payments are save

Remember that whatever writing company you pick should have safe payment choices. So don’t risk your money and go for PayPal. With this payment system, you can sleep well knowing that data of your transactions will be verified.

Know your guarantees

Another significant parameter that characterizes the unwavering quality degree of a company touches moneyback guarantees. Scholarly help is a fairly tricky market where deception can be found all over the place. You can freely request a full or partial refund in such cases:

  • If the writer had at first misjudged your task subtleties and gave you an off-base paper with irrelevant topic and incorrect structuring.
  • If you get a plagiarized paper.
  • If the paper hangs in the pending status.

In case these points are not included and explained in the “terms of use” section, avoid such service and opt for a different one.

Don’t share personal data

Ensure that the terms of use of any organization coordinate user wishes with respect to information security. If the essay writing service you need to address doesn’t ensure preservation of individual data, such a company is without a doubt trying to deceive you. Thus, you need to take into account this detail so that they won’t use your data against you.

Find out their location

In case you’re searching for an authentic essay service with solid client base and zero notoriety, check the place where organization is based. Its legitimate location should coincide with the physical one. In case your company doesn’t have one, that is a warning sign which means that this provider is not worth your money.

Final Word

It took me quite a long time to gather all essay providers in one review and actually conclude which ones are the main candidates for earning your trust. I put my soul into this endeavor, and now that you know the truth about each of them, I’d like to sum up my major finding. Among all the subreddits I read about and analyzed, the top place is given to an indisputable leader — HandMadeWriting. This company worked hard to get the trust it deserves, so I highly recommend this agency to everyone who feels like they need professional academic writing help.



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