God Help the Snowflakes (or Nobody Will)

The embarrassing problem of hoaxes, misinformation, and other actual forms of “fake news” online.

After discovering Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel’s drivel-filled social media accounts, I left a few comments about how I thought the Republican politician was doing a piss-poor job representing the 42nd District. (All he appears to do is make ignorant comments on his official social media accounts.) Of course these comments got the typical right-wing responses from his supporters, including one who called me a Snowflake. I fired back that snowflakes are badass & some ignorance ensued.

One of the professional troll’s followers had heard a rumor about what the pejorative “snowflake” meant. He claimed that I shouldn’t want to be called that because it’s antisemitic & refers to the ash of Jews cremated in the Holocaust. I schooled him in a swift & thorough manner. I know the origins of snowflake in the online trolling lexicon. Snowflake is part of the phrase “special snowflake” and is meant to mock people who think they’re something special/unique & that what they say matters. It’s originally from the movie Fight Club. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Holocaust. His story was just hokum that he could have easily dismissed if he wasn’t too lazy to type in a couple works on Google.

I pointed out to the poor novice that even if the term had antisemitic origins that it’s use against me by conservatives would indicate that the right has an antisemitic problem. (Other than Trump, Bannon, Breitbart, the alt-right, Rapture/End Times enthusiasts, Mel Gibson, etc.) You can’t blame the recipient of a pejorative for the pejorative being used.

That’s not how it works.

That’s not how any of this works.

Sorry. I had a commercial moment.

I was amazed at how uninformed and misinformed some of these individuals are. In an age where the truth can be found easily, it’s disconcerting to find people who simply latch on to hoaxes and fake news & treat it like its the Gospel Truth. Why can’t people just put forth a little effort & save themselves some humiliation? There’s a serious problem when people are being this gullible. I would feel sorry for them, but I’m still annoyed that they let their gullibility convince them to put a completely incompetent asshole in the White House. It’s a little tough to have sympathy for people who ignored facts & empowered a tyrant.

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