I’m Not Crazy, I’m Just a Little Unwell

Well, I’m anemic, but I’m not.

It isn’t my iron that’s low. It’s my B12. It’s around 300 pg/mL right now, which is low for most of the world, but it’s not low according to American standards. Fortunately, the hematologist’s office realizes that those standards are messed up and that a person who takes monthly injections of B12 shouldn’t have a level that low. They also realize that the gastric bypass surgery and my family’s predisposition to the B12 deficiency makes me more likely to have issues absorbing it and maintaining high enough levels.

So now I get to re-load on B12. That means 1 shot a day for 7 days, then 1 shot a week for 7 weeks, then 1 shot a month like I’ve been doing for years. Fun, right?

The nurse practitioner also wants me to be checked out by a pulmonologist and, possibly, a cardiologist. She definitely wants me to undergo a pulmonary function test. She said that it could be that when I fell at the pool several weeks ago, the water that I breathed in may have caused some issue in my lungs that I’m just not over yet. The other possible thing was the day that my dad put Clorox in the toilet. I didn’t think and I peed in a toilet bowl full of Clorox which led to a rather enjoyable release of chloramine gas. I coughed for days afterward and felt like something had scorched my lungs and throat.

Well, technically, there are other possible reasons for my breathing to be so rough. I do have a history of severe asthma and severe allergies. Vitamin B12 deficiency itself can cause shortness of breath, but it’s a rare occurrence when it happens. Of course, rarities are my specialty.

I need to go shoot up with some cyanocobalamin.

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