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The only reason you think that people are still allowed to make fun of and/or discriminate against fat people is that you’ve normalized that kind of attitude. As a person who was bullied at school and home over my weight, I can tell you that it is not acceptable to abuse any person ever. If you could pull back from that negative mindset where you allow other people to define you solely by your weight, you might start to see that your weight doesn’t determine your worth and shouldn’t be used against you.

I did learn the whole “sticks and stones” bullshit. I also learned that emotional and verbal abuse do actual harm. If you did some research on the harm of those types of abuse and how they impact the ability for a person to succeed in life, you might change your mind. You don’t have to let other people treat you like shit. Stand up for yourself and people like that won’t hold any power over you or how poorly you view yourself.

By the way, it’s a little weird that you claimed that people can no longer make fun of people based upon their age, but followed that up with some insults about millennials. You do realize that millennials refers to people based upon their age? I’m guessing that you haven’t actually sat down and thought about why those two statement conflict. Either that or you’ll just call it whining because that way you can be dismissive and feel all worthy of praise that isn’t deserved.

I look forward to your whining retort telling me how I’m also incorrect based upon my age or because I’m fat or whatever reason that you come up with to dismiss an educated opinion.

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