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The attempted take down of Conservative voices continues by the Democrat Media Complex. The latest victim?

Laura Ingraham of the liberal Murdoch boys’ Fox News outlet. Her crime? Stating that David Hogg, the Left’s new anti-2A posterboy, is a whiny brat who complained he didn’t get into his college of choice

It wasn’t bad enough that this Soros funded latest attack dog and faux gun control mule, with the help of the Antifa-laden mainstream media, created a highly charged campaign to take Ingraham down because she exercised a free speech opinion. What was more damaging was that Ingraham apologized.


Dr. Jane Ruby 🇺🇸

Dr. Jane Ruby is an American author, New Right journalist, health economist, & host of Dr. Jane’s DC. Read her book, “A Sea of New Media” / Opinions are her own

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