Trump Supporters Need Not Apply:

In April 2017 I was told by a senior White House staffer that the applications and resumes in the database of were “accidentally deleted.”

Here’s the story. Shortly after the 2016 presidential election and while we were all still dizzy in the euphoria of the takedown of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic machine with the election of Donald J. Trump, a website appeared called How you can serve America.” For those unfamiliar with, it is a website that was uploaded shortly after President Trump won the 2016 election, ostensibly to “identify and recruit the finest men and women from across the country to serve in his Administration.”

What great follow through, I thought! Why wouldn’t the president, who won under the most interesting and challenging conditions, want anything but to choose from the most loyal, America First, trump supporting loyalists? Publicity around the site suggested that special search was underway for those with particular expertise in policy, healthcare, education, finance, and law.

We were on to victory, that was sure. And here was President-Elect Trump, true to his word and looking to fill his new administration from top to bottom with those of us who had spent countless days and nights canvassing, making speeches, filling envelopes, attending meetings and rallies all over the country in order to move this man into the highest office in the land.

I was thrilled to click on the site and complete the application which included a number of sections with questions asking for reasons why one would be interested in serving, and inquiring as to anything unique about the applicant’s affinity for the President’s agenda.

Two months later I found myself in a discussion with a senior White House staff member who was explaining how extensively they were struggling to get basic work done because they were severely short staffed. I replied that that was odd since thousands of people across the nation had sent in their resumes to Surely there were plenty of applicants to choose from and they would likely all be incredibly invested in the President’s agenda and his success.

The staffer turned to me with an eye roll and a dismissive chuckle saying “Oh that database was accidentally lost…some computer glitch.”

I knew of three former Trump campaign staffers who had been hired into the new Administration, one at State and two others in the General Service Office (GSO). All three were let go by March, without explanation, at the same time it was becoming increasingly apparent in social media revelations that the highest levels of the Administration itself were being purged of high profile Trump supporters and replaced with clearly identified members of the Establishment elites from both sides of the aisle. We were confused at first, now we are trusting our eyes and no longer chalking this up to the President’s supposed covert 4-D Chess skills, a term used to suggest that regardless of how many progressives and neocons replace Trump loyalists, we should deny our lying eyes because Trump has some clever strategy in place.

We began to see Trump loyalists leave, get run out, or “resign:”

General Flynn

Rich Higgins

Steve Bannon

Sebastian Gorka

Anthony Scaramucci

KT McFarland

Ezra Cohen-Watnick

And replaced with Democrats, progressives, Obama holdovers, and neoCon Generals all who now run this White House. And recently National Security Reporter Mike Cernovich published a 2-part series, “Dispatches From Trumpland” in which he warns that this progressive crew now has the President on “house arrest” a term clearly signaling that these leftist renegades are controlling President Trump’s inflow of information. Very dangerous for the true conservative movement and for the health of America overall.

No wonder I never heard back.

Dr. Jane Ruby 🇺🇸

Written by

Dr. Jane Ruby is an American author, New Right journalist, health economist, & host of Dr. Jane’s DC. Read her book, “A Sea of New Media” / Opinions are her own

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