How I feel grateful: 5 Things that helped with building my business

5 Crucial things I am deeply thankful for in my business!

No, it is not my birthday. It is not my business anniversary; or wedding anniversary. It is not an auspicious day either.

I just feel compelled to write this blog post today.

When I was lying down and thinking about my business — the progresses I’ve made so far, the lessons I’ve learned, areas where I’ve failed, the brands I’ve built, rooms for improvement and so on — it just occurred to me that I felt so grateful from the bottom of my heart.

I just felt that I should openly declare and express my gratitude for these 5 major things that have made all things possible in my business till date.

#1 The decisions I made

The number one item in the list is of course the decisions I made right from the beginning till now.

I won’t say that I’ve never made bad decisions. I did. But I had a wonderful opportunity to learn from them.

Experiences matter a lot — and once you learn a lesson it is highly valuable in your business journey (this is something quite big).

And about those good decisions — I am highly thankful for those.

Be it the decision to quit my job, or investing in a better computer, hiring a full time employee, investing in tools and software — every decision I made counts.

Without those decisions, if I had kept on thinking about stuff, I would not have travelled through many milestones.

There wouldn’t have been so much to talk about in my business.

So ya, the decisions — I am so thankful that I made them.

#2 The freedom

You would have heard a lot about freedom when it comes to running a home based business. The freedom to do what you love, the freedom to be your own boss and stuff like that.

But here I am referring to the freedom I had (and have) to make my own decisions.

Now, I have to tell you this. Without that freedom to make those decisions, I wouldn’t have made those decisions in the first place.

And without those decisions, I wouldn’t have been able to move a needle, seriously.

I didn’t have to seek permission from anyone to make my decisions when it came to business.

Of course I discuss with family and friends for suggestions and opinion. But that was it.

After getting all the suggestions, it was finally up to me to decide what I wanted. And this is a BIG thing that I am grateful for!

Not many have that kind of freedom.

#3 The financial support

Finance can be a scary thing when starting a business.

The big shots might have a truck load to start with. But not the solopreneurs who want to carry it on their shoulders all alone.

Without having a registered business, or a big company, you know how hard and actually impossible it is to raise fund for a startup.

There’s so much paperwork that’s involved and the whole process can be daunting (and not to mention, might most probably end in vain).

And even if you succeed with getting a loan, paying it back (with interest) is a different story — the story I really, really hate!

Thankfully, I had my day job income that I used mostly to cover my initial business costs. And then I also got financial support from my hubby and my parents.

Without those initial bits of money, I would have struggled a lot and who knows, I might have even dropped the idea of starting a business.

I consider this a highly valuable thing in my business during my early days!

#4 The moral support I got (and am getting)

I just can’t deny the fact that without all the moral support, I would have fallen flat.

If you are running an online business, you know how hard it is to put everything together — especially as a solopreneur.

You have to wear many hats, of course. And you have to make sure you do stuff right.

And that you don’t make mistakes. Otherwise, it is you who is totally responsible for any consequences.

You cannot blame the company, or the government. Its just you.

And when you are clueless and just starting out, this can be scary.

For me, the moral support I got helped me stay grounded and make the right decisions.

Even went things went wrong, my family — especially my hubby — made sure that I did not feel lost, or guilty.

I was able to handle failures and chaotic situations with much ease, thanks to the moral support!

#5 The hard working trait of me!

OK, that might sound as if I’m boasting. But I am truly grateful for that hard working bit of me.

I’ve been through quite some challenges since I started this business back in 2007.

Most of that was physical (and I am still facing some physical issues). I had an ectopic and my health faced a serious decline since then.

But when I look back, all I can say that I’ve seriously worked real hard!

And that’s a crucial part of my business success.

I had all the excuses I can give for not working enough, or even to drop the business altogether (there was no compulsion that I had to earn).

But still, I’ve worked through all the hard times — mainly because I love what I do — fair enough, right?

I am not saying this to boast, but I want to make a point that hard work really pays.

What are YOU grateful for today?

You know, writing this post feels a lot good. And I am sure if you reflect on your past and identify the things you are grateful for, it will make a big difference.

Especially in your business. But this exercise is very good in your personal life too.

Being grateful never hurts, right? In fact it helps a lot.

It sends you positive vibes. It teaches you not to take things for granted and to appreciate every bit of help you get from anyone (or anything).

And when it comes to business, it really helps skyrocketing your growth. Try it!

PS: Interested in starting a business and a blog? Check out this guide to help you get started!

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