To Men I Love, About Men Who Scare Me
Laura Munoz

This woman hits the nail on the head. I am not particularly attractive or have any particularly appealing attributes, but lived with the disrespect she describes all my life anyway…on the job, walking along the sidewalk near my home, pumping gas in my car, you name the location and it has happened there, too. I realized long ago that I could not go into a bar alone, period. The few times I did, typically waiting for friends to join me, the room seemed full of traveling salesmen away from home and feeling free to sample the goods. Now, I’m 65 and look like it, wear no makeup, and dress down nearly everyday, and I still get this kind of nonsense. There is obviously a feeling of entitlement to talk down to women as though they are personal playthings. As Laura Munoz says, there are decent men who respect women and don’t indulge in this behavior, at least to our faces. But, I have to say, that the nice guys are in the minority and are not readily influencing the rest of your gender, not nearly enough, especially in the workplace, where I was never protected by the “decent men” when opening harassed.

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