Great post Janessa. Raises some very interesting questions.
Alex Embling

Alex, thanks for taking the time to weigh in on this. In theory, I agree with everything that you’re saying. I would just add two nuanced points.

First, the dream is to create content that only talks to the clients and prospects you want more of. But it’s hard to create hyper-targeted content that can also reach far enough to attract more of the prospects you want. If you’re getting enough sales interest from hyper-targeted content, by all means, keep doing that. But most companies need to cast a wider net to get the attention of their ideal audience. One of the quirks of inbound is that many companies see only a small percentage of leads turn into paying customers, but most of their revenue will still be sourced from inbound. In other words, companies are always playing this balancing act of going broad enough to get the attention of their target audience, but not so broad that they lose the target audience’s attention in a puddle of vagueness.

Second, on the topic of writing more of what resonates. Again, in theory this should work. I am still shocked by how much attention this piece has received (just cleared 5,000 pageviews and have several sales calls scheduled). But I highly doubt I could write 5 more pieces about the future of content marketing and see the same impact. Instead I am holding off on publishing anything new (for now) and instead trying to get this piece picked up by roundups/influencers in the space, spending time following up on comments, things like that. Which is another way to build on the momentum I’m experiencing, without reverting to just pumping out more content.

This is a long response :) I hope it somewhat answers your questions.

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