The Closer Is Dead. Long Live The Listener.
Sam Mallikarjunan

Another point worth making here, how you sell can actually be a really powerful recruiting tool. My first interaction with HubSpot was over 5 years ago. I worked with an amazing rep (Adam Zaks) who helped us get set up. The experience made a huge impression on me — he did so much to make both me and the project successful. Years later, I both STILL remembered his name and now work with him at HubSpot :)

And my interaction with Adam wasn’t a one-off experience. Last week, we published a piece from Peter Caputa, he started as a HubSpot sales rep and went on to build the partner program. Check out the comments! The thread is filled with people saying, “Thank you so much for everything you did for my business.” ← THAT’s amazing. You will never get that will pushy, aggressive sales tactics.

Finally, I have to plug the Fairy-Sale video :) It does a great job of what it actually looks like when a rep listens and helps rather than pushes for the close:

So, there’s probably a whole list of residual benefits of good selling practices that include:

  • Better rep retention
  • Recruiting
  • General health and well-being
  • A world that has a little less rage in it :)