Edition 10: Content vs Editorial
Kamil Rextin

First, kudos on moving this conversation to medium. Sometimes twitter just doesn’t cut it 🙂

I 100% agree that early stage companies shouldn’t necessarily invest in editorial ops. There are exceptions here, you mentioned Mattermark, and I agree, they’re doing amazing work in this front. But few companies are cut out to execute their playbook.

Where I agree with Peter Caputa is that there is a strategy less refined than editorial ops that just gets employees writing and thinking. It’s often the only brand play that startups can afford.

Marcus Sheridan wrote the definitive piece on why this is good practice about 4 years ago. It’s still relevant.

But I am biased — I think every single professional should be writing about their work. I think its the single best way to clarify your thinking and get better at your job.

Should a CEO pressure employees to commit time to blogging? Idk. But I think it’s worth looking for strong writing skills in your first 5–10 hires. For some time, they’ll likely be the only brand voice you have.

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