Stop Hiring People You Don’t Like
Sarah Jones

Sarah, thanks for sharing your advice and experience on this topic.

Hiring is so freaking hard. I interviewed a peer a few years that I didn’t like too much after our first meeting, but we ended having a wonderful working relationship and I learned so much from them. I recall another hire that didn’t work out so well who I just immediately clicked with and liked so much, and that completely overshadowed my ability to evaluate them for the role.

I think some of what you call “liking” in this article is a factor that has to do with work styles. You mentioned Myers-Briggs which is a helpful way to look at it…though I don’t think too many people ask for Myers Briggs type in an interview :) At HubSpot, we use DiSC profiles which can be a really useful easy framework to understand the working styles of your teammates. But again, that doesn’t happen until post-hire.

Like you said, just as in romantic relationships, getting that “thing” right can make all the difference. But what is a replicable way to find that “thing?”

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