This resonates a lot with our content experience at Buffer, particularly the power behind creating…
Kevan Lee

Thank you for the thoughtful comment! I’m a huge fan of Buffer’s content and have been for years. I’m happy to hear this resonates with your team.

There’s always a certain amount of unknown in what we do. You also have the opposite side of what you’re describing which is when you write something kind of off-the-cuff and it ends up seeing an incredible amount of interest and you’re saying, “Really? That post?” Though that’s certainly a better problem to have :)

I do think the spray and pray approach feels safer. Marketers often cover for this sloppy approach by saying things like, “We’re just experimenting to find what works.” It sounds good and “data-driven,” but an actual experiment has some kind of hypothesis and theory behind why one approach is better than another. It’s never a good idea to just randomly publish content until something works (though I have done this is in the past so I’m very guilty here).

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