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2020 is a tough year, but it doesn’t mean that we stop looking for hope and chances. On this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let’s brighten up this year with a lot of amazing deals for WordPress users (themes, plugins, course, hosting, …). We have carefully compiled 101+ official WordPress super deals and updated it daily. It’s promising to be one of the longest lists so you just need to stay here and search for your desired deal easily.

What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday is the biggest shopping season of the year. As said by name, it’s a Friday and it’s the first one after Thanksgiving Day in America. Cyber Monday — the biggest online shopping occasion — is the Monday right after Black Friday. …

When choosing a WordPress theme, many website owners consider using video background as an effective feature to make their site more fabulous, especially for image-based ones. Therefore, in this article, we especially selected the top 13+ premium WordPress themes with video backgrounds for you.

The video background can be placed in the header, footer, or somewhere in the center of a theme, or even the whole theme’s page. With this feature, your website will be much more impressive and eye-catching.

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Generally, the themes we selected in this collection are versatile to meet up any niches of a WordPress website. …

When starting a project, developers should think about how to write clean and readable PHP code so that it can be easy to maintain and fix when there’s a bug. To meet these requirements, developers in the team should follow coding standards and best practices.

What are these coding standards and best practices? Are there any PHP techniques to write clean and readable code? The answers can be found right in this article!

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What are the Coding Standards?

Coding standards are the rules for coding that are set up by developers in a project. …

If you own a WordPress development business and are currently getting inbound internet inquiries, you can streamline your sales process and enhance your services by using an effective client form. So, why is it necessary to have a good client form from a psychological view? And How to implement this in your business to 3x the amount of revenue? I am going to share with you the technical knowledge of how to create a client form for your WordPress agency using Elementor and a contact form plugin.

There are a number of elements I’m going to point out. But first, I wanted to explain why to create a specialized client form, and why you need this kind of contact form, too. …

On December 6th, 2018, Gutenberg editor officially became the default editor of WordPress. This editor allows you to edit your site in a new method. You can use the powerful blocks of Gutenberg to create layouts for posts and pages in a more quick and visual manner. It was gradually developed and became so popular and powerful. Following this, many WordPress themes have been created and developed to be fully compatible with Gutenberg.

To start off, we want to clarify how you know if a theme is fully compatible with Gutenberg. There are several ways to define it, however, we consider that a theme with Gutenberg compatibility should display all your content blocks on the website exactly and nicely as they are in the back end. …

You need to create a website for a client — and the client has a whole bunch of projects that they want to show on their website. Not only that but there are over 30 projects — and each project portfolio has over 40 images and its own page. Sounds like a lot of work right? Luckily, using WordPress along with WP All Import Pro and Meta Box, this is a piece of cake. In this tutorial, I will walk you through how to do this.

To see what a completed project portfolio may look like, please check out this image, which is an example of a gas company project. …

In the previous article of the “How to Add Contact Forms Using Plugin” series, we’ve learned what a contact form is and how to use Contact Form 7 plugin. As promised, I wrote another tutorial with WPForms and I’m going to show you in this article.

WPForms is a freemium drag-and-drop contact form plugin with a real-time preview. In my experience, it’s easy and convenient to work with this plugin.

Do you remember this university registration form sample that we’ve created in part 1 of this series? Now, we’re going to create the same one with WPForms.

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Step 1: Install and Activate WPForms Plugin

This plugin has a free version on, so you just need to install and activate the plugin right on the Admin Dashboard. …

Today, musicians not only organize offline shows, but they also deliver their music via online channels. Of course, WordPress is one of the best online platforms to promote your music project. In this article, we will provide you the collection of top 15+ free music WordPress themes that will support your creative process. We believe this approach will bring their music products closer to audiences. Without further delay, let’s check out the list right now.


If you want to find a music theme with minimalistic and elegant style, Euphony is right for you. With the hero content feature, you can highlight the best content of your site that can easily grab the viewer’s attention. Plus, one of the most powerful features that help you easily modify layouts, change colors, fonts, logo, favicon, background, add social links, and custom CSS in theme options. …

In part 2 of the series “Create an OTA website like with Meta Box plugin”, we created filters that allow users to search for hotels on the Hotel archive page. Then, to help users find their desired rooms in each hotel conveniently, we need to filter vacancies in Hotel single pages.

Here we go!

Step 1: Create a Search Form in the Hotel Single Pages

First of all, create a search form in the Hotel single pages to search for vacancies. To do it, add the following code to the content-single-hotel.php file created in part 1 of this series. …

Have you heard any news about WordPress yet? From 10/24/2020, WordPress users can’t embed links from Facebook and Instagram into their websites by copying and pasting the links as usual. That’s because WordPress decided to remove the link embedding feature from these two social networks.

This change causes a lot of trouble for WordPress users because the existing content in all the Facebook and Instagram embedded links don’t show up anymore. Searching for, deleting, and fixing all these links are extremely time-consuming. But don’t worry because there’s always a way, and it’s right in this article!

First, let’s find out the reason for all these troubles! …

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