The Abuse of Corbyn and his Supporters and How They Survive it: The Other Side of the Story
Julie Noted

Painful yet insightful article. The stoicism displayed by Jeremy Corbyn given the hostility and vitriol that has been aimed at him since day one should be condemned. Is he is finished article…No…but he is showing the hallmarks of a great leader. The fact that he refuses to engage with the vitriol aimed at him must make his doubters extremely frustrated. The intention of all bullies is to get a reaction and that fact that he gives none is a hands down win in my books. He conducts himself with integrity and despite everything continues to get on with the job that 59.9% of Labour members democratically asked him to do. He does not get side tracked by the debacle that is parliament and holds fast to the job at hand.

There have been times during this debacle that I have doubted my allegiance to the Labour party and have had whiplash with the tirade of insults aimed at new members like myself. I have, however, decided to stand firm, like Corbyn, and hold fast to my desires for a better future because I hate bullies and most of all detest any form of injustice. I will not be bullied or intimidated to give up my membership. BTW I am a 48 year old mother of 3 who has only really become engaged in politics since Jeremy’s election.

Just imagine what this man could go on to do if he had the support and backing of his backbenches who should know better.

Well done Julie Noted!